Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Waiting for wisdom...

Today I've mostly been sitting in a waiting room whilst the other love of my life (it's not all about you Cooper) had his four wisdom teeth extracted.

His appointment was for 8am this morning and I was told to come back in an hour as the routine operation shouldn't take more than 45 minutes to an hour. Rather than drive home and then have to turn around and drive back in a few minutes, I decided to meander along Sunset Blvd and watch the early morning commuters on their way to work. Luckily at that time in the morning the Sunset Strip is only just starting to wake up and is mostly free of tourists and ladies who lunch.

Cooper looking 'wise'
Dog and hydrant on walk
So I ambled along taking snaps of anything that caught my magpie eye and then turned back around and wandered back to the dental practice just after 9am. I thought I'd be late and I'd find Charlie waiting for me in the recovery room, but there was no need to worry as "he'll be just a few more minutes" turned into another three and a half hours waiting in the reception area.

Anyway the important thing is that he's fine and back home resting, not quite looking like a hamster yet, but I'm sure the bruising and swelling is still all to come.
Chateau Marmutt dog storeSo tonight I'm flying solo with Cooper at the puppy training class at Chateau Marmutt and looking forward to all the wisdom that the dog trainer can share with us. Last week it was 'Sit!', this week I think it may be 'Stay!' We've been practicing, so I hope Cooper is a well behaved boy this week.

I'd better get on as I think Cooper wants a walk (although his trick at the moment is to lie down during the walk and refuse to move) and I also need to cut up his training treats into nice small bite-size chunks for him.
Labrador pup Cooper pooped
A house-husband's work is never done....


josilynexo said...

Cooper is getting huge! I enjoy watching him grow :] He is such a gorgeous Lab!!

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks for coming back and looking in on him.

Everyone tells us he's going to be huge, especially when they see the size of his paws!

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