Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dog-Blog: Cooper completes his obedience training on a high...

It's official, Cooper is now fully trained.

OK, that's not exactly true (or that simple I'm afraid), but the good news is that Cooper has completed his five-week obedience training class and has graduated with flying colours.  Cooper's puppy training certificate
Last night was our last class and we had a really good session with him.  We were recapping the previous weeks learnings and practicing the stay command.  He was very well behaved and did us proud.

Even better was some of the other puppies were even naughtier than Cooper has been in the past and the instructor talked down to their owners in the same way she's done to us in the past.  I doubt she'll get the word-of-mouth recommendations she was hoping for last night.

The training has really helped our eternally enthusiastic Labrador, but I think it's only the start of his being a well behaved dog.

Speaking of great results, visitors to Jason in Hollywood were up 11.8% in September and the amount of times they visited up 6.1%.  

As you can see from the World Map Widget in the bottom left hand column, the majority of my visitors are still predominantly from the U.S.A, accounting for 58.6% of all traffic in September.
U.S. Presidential Election day billboard
In other results, my latest blog poll suggests that visitors believe Democrat candidate Obama will win the upcoming U.S. Presidential Election in November, with 47% of the vote.

This has changed dramatically since August when asked the same question, 48% thought Republican Senator McCain would win and Hilary Clinton led over Obama.

Interesting times indeed and day-to-day I hear a lot of people saying that Obama has the charisma, but lacks the experience to be President.   

However what I think is most terrifying at the moment is the thought of Sarah Palin ever getting to The White House in any shape or form - would you want her hand poised over that button?

Anyway, Cooper seems content enough in the knowledge that he's aced his basic training.  He even finds his certificate quite tasty at times, especially the nice gold foil seal.
Cooper and his dog training certificate
Ah, if only life could be as simple as being a gorgeous puppy - treats, walks and being spoiled rotten all the time...

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