Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dog-Blog: Now and then - a Cooper in Hollywood update...

The last few days I feel like I've neglected all the visitors who come to Jason in Hollywood looking for some cute and fun yellow Labrador pictures, as we've been busy sight-seeing around L.A. with a vengeance, so I thought I'd do a special comparison of our almost six month old pup, Cooper, versus his much younger and fluffier self.

Before his toys were bigger than him, not any longer
Pup & rope

Cooper just hasn't got enough toys
The last few days he's had his first experience of the Santa Ana winds and has been fascinated by all the leaves being blown around the streets, plus he loves the amount of twigs and palm fronds lying around for him to pick up and chew (even though they are way too big for him).

He's slightly less enamoured when indoors and the wind blows the curtains in or rattles the windows, as that usually produces a little woof or two from him.

Cooper dwarves Mr. Fluffy, his favourite toy, these days
Giant cooper and Mr Fluffy, his favourite toy

Yellow Labrador pup Cooper sleeping
8 week old Cooper on Day 3
Cooper is still loving his Runyon Canyon walks and yesterday I gave him a change by taking him around the trek in the opposite direction.  I think it confused him a bit and he found the steep slopes on the way up a bit harder than the usual gradual winding hill on the last leg of his walk.  

He did however have a celebrity encounter, as I swear Matt Lucas from BBC's Little Britain was at Runyon yesterday walking with a male friend - he had the same perfectly bald shiny head, rotund figure and posh English accent (you wouldn't necessarily expect from him).  I can't be 100% sure it was him out getting some exercise, although he could be here promoting his Little Britain USA series, but if not he has a lookalike living in L.A.

Mischievous Cooper at five and a half months from above
5 month old Cooper from above

9 week old Cooper from above

Cooper has his final training session tomorrow, but we are already thinking of getting some more with him.  He's doing well, but someone I met on one of our early morning walks summed it up when he said Cooper's age is the equivalent to the 'terrible twos' in children - never a truer word has been said.

Other people we meet say Labradors never grow up and remain big bundles of energy, or they give us date ranges from two to seven years for him to calm down.  He is still a puppy after all, so I know we'll get there in the end and we still want him to retain his exuberant personality.

Cooper can barely fit his head through the bench legs
Cooper is now too big to fit

8 week old puppy
Under the bench legs at 8 weeks

Last night we had a lovely dinner at 'Jar' on the corner of Harper Avenue and Beverly Blvd.  It has a very chic wooden interior and well dressed clientele (shirts, suits and ties, rather than too many t-shirts).  

The menu had a very meaty selection on the menu, but I had the Halibut which was one of the day's specials and a beet salad as my appetizer.  Both courses were delicious and were accompanied with a glass or two of Kir Royal.

He still likes deep sleeps and snoring too!
Big sleeping pup

Cooper asleep at 8 weeks

On the way to the smart restaurant we had another celebrity sighting.  This time Carson Kressly from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, who seemed to be doing a simulated paparazzi shoot, holding what looked like a cell phone, outside Robertson Plaza on Robertson Blvd.

It wasn't that long ago that we'd spotted fellow Queer Eye presenter Jai Rodriguez singing at Upright Cabaret at Mark's Restaurant on N. La Cienega Blvd.

Cooper has graduated to huge rawhide bones now
Cooper has graduated to huge rawhide bones now

10 week pup and his rawhide boneDay 3 with his rawhide bone

Jumping all over the place here, but in movie news, The Lion King was the winner of the recent poll to find out the most popular animated Disney movie with 13% of the vote, followed closely in joint second place by Toy Story, Finding Nemo and Beauty & The Beast all with 10% of the vote.

Anyway, back to Cooper.  After the last ten days of having my parents around for extra company he definitely misses them and you can see him wondering where they are, half expecting them to walk in through the door at the slightest sound.

On this coming Saturday he will be officially six months old - how time flies when you have a young pup.

Be sure to come back soon for the continuing adventures of Cooper in Hollywood...

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