Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dog-Blog: Return of the terror...

Just in time for Halloween, our own little terror has returned.
American football pup-star
I spoke too soon the other day when I said that we'd turned a corner with Cooper's on-leash training and walks.
Let sleeping pups lie
The past few days he's regressed into a little rascal and we've seen a return to the old ways of major sniffing action, chewing anything resembling a stick and sitting down like an immovable object.

There's definitely something biological going on too, as he's been extra panty and just a tad frisky, so I think it's probably another bout of growing pains.
Sleepy stair pup
Obviously these angelic photos tell a different story, that butter wouldn't melt, but behind those adorable looks is a mischievous pup waiting to burst into action.

As you can see he's a true patriot - he just loves his new squeaky American football.
American football pup
To cope with Cooper's antics we've been eating and drinking our way through the pain. With house guest in tow we've had lovely dinners at Taste on Melrose Avenue and at Cafe La Boheme on Santa Monica Blvd in WEHO.
Pup on the rug
Taste has always had an extensive wine offering, but it now has a liquor license and so rejoice, cocktails are finally on the menu.

Once again I had their yummy Pear & Caramelized Onion Pizzetta to start, followed by a deliciously rich and very tasty Mushroom Risotto with added black tiger shrimp. It was all extremely filling, but I still managed to squeeze in some interesting pumpkin and chocolate ice-cream for dessert.  All accompanied with a lovely Merlot.
Cooper on the stairs
At Cafe La Boheme on Saturday night we sat indoors and in a booth upstairs, with amazing views of the ornate chandaliers hanging from the high beamed ceiling and overlooking the buzzy dining area below.

In anticipation of another lovely meal, we'd walked Cooper at Runyon Canyon to build up our appetites.  Once again it was hard to choose what to order from the menu as they have so many appealing dishes that suit my taste, but I opted for the Beet Salad starter which came with smoked trout and had a gorgeous duck main course which was one of the specials.  
Rug pup
Spookily I'd earlier remarked to my other half that you don't see duck on the menu much in L.A. and voila, there it was.  Plus their pear vodka martini's were especially nice last night. 
Play ball puppy
Anyway, today it's off to the cinema to see The Secret Life of Bees.  

Then tonight it's a very rare occurrence, I get a night off and Charlie is cooking us all a special dinner in honour of our visitor Rosie's last night in L.A....

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