Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting ready for Halloween - Jason in Hollywood style...

Oh, no!  As with most things, I've left my Halloween preparations to the last minute. 
Halloween horror at The Grove
It'll be our first Halloween living in West Hollywood and more to the point in America as well. 
Halloween hats - UK Policeman
This annual event is a much bigger affair in the States than it is in the UK, so with that in mind I headed off to Party America at The Grove to hunt down some suitable costumes or some such, for us to wear for the Friday night festivities. 
Jaunty Halloween hat
Halloween is huge in West Hollywood with a massive annual Costume 'Carnaval', apparently the largest in the world, with around 400,000 or more people descending on the city to celebrate this spooky occasion.
Halloween hat - Viking
I'm looking forward to the sheer spectacle of thousands of people dressed up in their outrageous costumes all along Santa Monica Boulevard, from Doheny to La Cienega.  
Halloween hat - Sequin Cowboy
I'm sure our 'bought' outfits won't compare to the fabulous creations on the night, but I thought it best to at least get into the spirit of the evening.
Halloween mask - Batman
Unlike Britain where people tend to keep to the traditional witches, ghosts and ghouls, over here I'm reliably told anything goes, so I'll be expecting some real eye openers in true WEHO fashion.  
Evil Halloween Jester
I'm sure it'll be nothing short of a Project Runway extravaganza.
Halloween hat - Glam Witch
Our friends tell us it's even bigger a celebration than L.A. Gay Pride and that was a massive theatrical production. 
Halloween hat - Sombrero
I hope you enjoy my little Halloween hat and costume parade from the inside of Party America.  
Halloween hats - straw hat
We had lots of fun trying to piece together an ensemble that wasn't too tacky (whilst probably failing miserably).  
Halloween hat - propellor head
There wasn't a vast selection of costumes to choose from.  I don't like pirates, so they were an no-no.  Mummies, zombies and skeletons all seemed too predictable (and also unavailable).
Jason the Jester
I didn't think a saucy nurses outfit would be my thing (scary maybe and not out of place in West Hollywood, but not for me) and even though there were some great kids outfits I didn't think even my short stature would be able to squeeze into one.
Halloween hat - French beret
I also considered some face-paint, but then thought that could take too long to apply and without some practice may turn into a horror show all of its own. Especially when you read the instructions and see that it says that you may need to wash your face several times to remove the make-up.  I don't really fancy spending my Saturday with a glow-in-the-dark white, green or orange face to be honest.
Halloween hat - Pink Fluff
You'll have to wait until the end of the week to see what I decided upon for us, but for now feel free to make up any captions for the various millinery and costume offerings.
Halloween head dress - space balls
Did I mention that I love dressing up for costume parties?  You'd never guess I'm sure.
Halloween hat - Gladiator helmet
Talking about all things spooky.  Today our pup was spooked when I took him to Runyon Canyon and he came across someone standing on their head - he didn't like that at all.  
Halloween hat - NASA helmet
I also think he had a flashback to yesterday when he nearly became a scared lost pup in the dark.
Halloween hat - Chinese
Anyhow, on the night itself you're encouraged to leave your animal companions at home due to the sheer volume of, no doubt drunken, people on the streets.  
Halloween hat - Admiral
But don't despair, come back tomorrow to catch a glimpse of Cooper's new Halloween outfit, at least this one fits better than his Halloween Devil Dog costume did.
Halloween Jester mask
Until then, happy haunting...


Charlie Mouse said...

Looking at these photos simply reminds me why I love you... But lucky you weren't wearing any of these headresses when we first met 9 years ago!!

Jason in Hollywood said...

Well it's too late to escape now ;-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have a caption for 'ya with the admiral hat: "Hmmm...Heath Ledger in The Patriot, right?" Wow, you really do look a little like him!

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks I'm flattered.

Keep 'em coming folks (the captions as well as the compliments of course)!

The Rose with no Thorns said...

Caption for the Spacehelmet picture

One giant step for Mankind.
One too small hat for Jason.

these are hilarious and I think you could make a montage of them and hang them in a picture frame and *ahem* remembering to credit the photographer :-)

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