Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween Cooper is less than impressed with his new costume...

Following my dressing up extravaganza yesterday, it's the turn of our Halloween pup today.  
Halloween pup Cooper
As well as being our first ever Halloween in the U.S.A. it will also be Cooper's inaugural spook-tacular celebration.
Halloween pup & Jason in Hollywood
Unlike his adventurous and slightly exhibitionist dad, you can see Cooper is more a reluctant participant in the seasonal merriment and a lot less enthusiastic about his Halloween costume.
Fighting over the Halloween costume
In addition to trying out his wicked outfit (on us both in case you were wondering), I also took the opportunity to take my camera with me around the neighbourhood on one of our many walks to snap a few local sights.  
West Hollywood homes have the Halloween spirit
As you can see, some of our West Hollywood neighbours really get into the Halloween spirit.  Even though it's a bit strange for us not to have frost on the ground at this time of year, rather than sunshine all day long.
Halloween on the streets of West Hollywood
As regular visitors to Jason in Hollywood (henceforth known as Jason in Halloween for the remainder of the week) will know, this is not Cooper's first costume attempt.
Gravestones & skeletons on the streets of WEHO
I bought him another outfit and sadly had to return it because it was slightly too snug on him - he's a growing boy!  It's a shame as I think the devil red was a good colour on his sandy fur and a very appropriate costume for our no-longer-so-little scamp.
Halloween devil Cooper
With Halloween preparations well underway, following the past few weeks of having friends and family to stay it was nice to take some time out to relax and unwind yesterday.
Halloween warlock pup
However I was guilted into going to the gym after weeks of dining out on three course meals and the fact that our fridge is full of more cakes, chocolate and alcohol than any other food.  
Halloween Cooper so not amused
My trainer was back for a session on Monday which felt especially tough, which is also a signal that I've been eating and drinking way too much.

I'm trying to ease off the alcohol until the festivities on Friday, although I've just realised my costume doesn't have an easy way for me to go the the toilet without taking it all off.
Halloween Cooper - I'm melting
Even though our pup now has a new magical Halloween costume we won't be taking him out to see the parade as there'll be way too many people and so he'll be able to stay in the comfort of his own home with a good bone (although I think we'll avoid any scary movies as he does tend to get spooked easily).
Halloween Cooper askew
Not long now until the witching hour...


Meghan said...

Hey Jason, Cooper looks awesome in his Halloween costume!

I love reading your blog, and I must admit that i'm a tad obsessed with the Cooper updates :)

I found your blog when I did a random Cooper search on google -- I was bored and my cat (also named Cooper) was sitting next to I googled the name...I really need a life.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks for the compliments on Cooper's costume and for finding us via Google.

There's lots stranger things to be doing with your time so I wouldn't lose any sleep over it :-)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry more day and all the festivities and garb will come to an can run naked again!

Love your skeleton (the one you posted, that is!). I posted a similar one I found here on the east coast.

The Rose with no Thorns said...

Luckily Cooper wasn't hungry - otherwise the skelton could have been one legged :-)

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