Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jason in Hollywood goes to The Getty Center, finally...

After more than six months living here in L.A. (and several previous visits), I finally made it to The Getty Center.  And it's official, my parents have brought the rain with them from the UK, so we may not have seen the Center today in all its sunny glory.
View of Getty Center from the Lower Tram Station
This morning we drove to The Getty Center which was opened to the public over ten years ago in December 1997 and is nestled in the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains.
Getty Center Museum Courtyard
Designed by the architect Richard Meier, to me is even more interesting than some of the art, exhibitions and sculptures you'll find at the center.
Getty Center view from the Cactus Garden
I'm not a huge fan of looking around museums and art galleries, after all London has such a wealth of cultural venues - the V&A, The Tate, Tate Modern, Royal Academy of Arts and National Portrait Gallery to name but a few, which I only ever really visited for my work with various interiors magazines.  
Getty Center South View
Today I found the architecture of the buildings, the landscaping of the gardens and the views from The Getty Center to be the most enjoyable highlights. 
Getty Center Central Garden
Another highlight of the landscaped Center is the Central Garden, created by Robert Irwin, plus the Cactus Garden is really interesting too.
The Cactus Garden at the Getty Center
After a look around various art exhibitions and the Museum Courtyard areas, we caught the tram back down the hill.  On a whim I wandered into the Fran and Ray Stark Sculpture Garden by the lower Tram Station and was extremely pleased I did.
Fran & Ray Stark Sculpture Garden at the Getty Center
Sculpture Garden at the Getty Center
I think my art preference is for sculptures, so I was in for a treat (and no amount of drizzle was going to dampen our spirits). There was a really great collection of big pieces, including many by British artists, such as...

Henry Moore's Bronze Form
Sculpture Garden Bronze Form
Henry Moore's Bronze Form Sculpture

Henry Moore's Draped Reclining Mother and Baby
Henry Moore's Draped Reclining Mother and Baby sculpture

Elisabeth Frink's Horse
Elisabeth Frink's Horse sculpture
Horse sculpture by Elisabeth Frink

Elisabeth Frink's Running Man
Elisabeth Frink's Running Man sculptureElisabeth Frink's Running Man sculpture
After The Getty it was off to The Grove for a bite to eat at Marmalade and a bit of shopping at Crate & Barrel (we've not finished furnishing our condo yet!).
Jason in Hollywood at The Getty Sculpture Garden
Anyway, all that culture makes me hungry (again). 

Time for pizza methinks...

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