Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Leanne wins Project Runway Season 5 - yay...

Hoorah, the lovely soft spoken Leanne Marshall beat horrid spoiled brat Kenley and the talented Korto to win the fifth season of Project Runway.  
Leanne - Season 5 Project Runway winner
In the all-woman final, Leanne's 'wave' inspired collection wooed the panel of judges to take the fashion crown in the final season to air on Bravo TV.

In a bit of catastrophic blunder for Bravo for not having a celebrity standby, J-LO was a no-show as the season finales judge (a foot injury, come on!), meaning contestant mentor, Tim Gunn, stepped in as the guest judge, which seems only fitting after five seasons of advising the good and the bad fashion designers.

Lucky Leanne won the $100k as well as other sponsored prizes and good on her too, as early on in the competition she was slated for having over-worked garments that looked like school projects.  
Project Runway season 5 Leanne's winning collection
She's been one of my favourites from the start, one of those silent but deadly contenders, so I can rest easy knowing that the best and most talented person won.

Not that they weren't all talented but I have my suspicions that Bravo wanted an all-woman final for PR reasons, so poor Jerell for not getting to the final at New York's Bryant Park.
Project Runway Season 5 logo
That being said, I will miss Project Runway on Bravo TV.  Let's hope it doesn't lose its charm or energy when it moves to Lifetime... 

*images courtesy imaxtree

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