Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ornate architecture, beautiful gardens and more at The Getty Villa...

Yesterday I shared with you a selection of images from our visit to The Getty Villa on Monday, with photos of the Inner and Outer Peristyles and various sculptures and statues on display around the Museum and gardens.
East Garden fountain at The Getty Villa
Today, I hope you'll enjoy this selection of images from the Villa's East Garden and Herb Garden and the beautiful flowers, fountains and shrubbery to be found there, plus some fabulously ornate ceilings with bronze lanterns that adorn the mock-Roman Villa.

Ornate ceilings at The Getty Villa
Beautiful ceilings at The Getty Villa
Ornate ceiling at The Getty Villa
Getty Villa ceiling
The East Garden features a colourful mosaic and shell fountain adorned with theatre masks to emulate an ancient fountain from the House of the Large Fountain in Pompeii.  
The Getty Villa East Garden fountain
In the centre of this tranquil walled garden space you'll find water streaming from a fountain with sculpted bronze civet heads.
East Garden fountain head
The Villa is wonderfully designed so that you can see all the way through from the Museum entrance, across the Inner Peristyle and there you'll find the ornate fountain framed by the East Garden entrance.
The East Garden at The Getty Villa, Mailbu
The fountain pond is filled with beautiful water lilies, as captured below by my other half, having an arty moment.  As a colour contrast I've included some other flower images that I snapped in the ponds around the Villa.
Water lilies in the East Garden
The Getty Villa's water lilies
Getty Villa water lilies
Getty Villa pond lilies
Located outside the museum entrance, the Herb Garden at The Getty Villa is planted with Mediterranean species, from flowering shrubs and fruit trees, to herbs used in cooking, medicine and ancient Roman ceremony.
Herb Garden at The Getty Villa
Aside from the fragrant flowers and plants such as rosemary and lavender, you'll also find some pretty fountains and a small water lily pond in the middle of the garden.
The Herb Garden fountain, Getty Villa
The Getty Villa Herb Garden fountain
Herb Garden fountains
I'm a big fan of holidays in Italy and in my childhood was lucky to visit some the Greek Isles - Corfu, Rhodes and Cyprus, where I was able to see the actual history of the ancient Greeks in situ - the mosiacs, amphitheatres and ruins.  
Malibu skies at the Getty Villa
Whatever the criticisms of the Villa, for me it really does recapture the spirit of the Mediterranean with its olive groves, fruit and cyprus trees around the estate. 
Getty Villa gardens
And did I mention the blue skies?  What a wonderful setting.  It would be the perfect place to hold a lovely cocktail party one balmy L.A. evening (ah, to be a rich billionaire).
Palm trees at The Getty Villa
The Villa is the perfect place to while away a few hours taking in the artifacts in the Museum galleries, or just meandering through the relaxing gardens, around the reflecting pool of the Outer Peristyle or among the smaller East and Herb Gardens.

I'd highly recommend The Getty Villa if you are visiting L.A. or just one of the locals who hasn't checked it out yet.  It's free admission and is a beautiful venue.

Anyway, next stop on my parents L.A. vacation is the La Brea Tar Pits...

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