Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Runyon Canyon walks and miscellaneous restaurant reviews...

Yesterday was a real scorcher, over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in West Hollywood, so even hotter in the Valley.  It was so hot at lunch time that I couldn't take Cooper far for a long walk, so after a weekend of visits to the beach and to the cinema, I thought he deserved a trip to Runyon Canyon to run off any pent up energy.
Runyon Canyon Cooper & Jason in Hollywood
I love this photo of me and my five and a half month old pup with the L.A. skyline in the background.  As you can see he's getting to be a BIG bundle of fun now.
Cooper at Runyon Canyon
I really wanted to get some shots of Cooper whilst he was still a pup as our Runyon walks have become such an integral part of our lives.
Runyon Canyon pup
Even though it was after 5pm, you could see all the dogs yesterday were struggling to cope with the heat, the humans too!  Luckily there are watering stops along the trek and I always carry a bottle of water with me in case Cooper needs a drink.
Runyon Canyon Labrador
I don't know about you, but all that talk about energetic walks has made me hungry.  Here's a bit of info on some new places we tried for dinner in the local area.

Bossa Nova Brazilian Restaurant
Bossa Nova on Sunset Blvd has more of a feel of an indoor restaurant about it compared to the one on North Robertson Blvd, even though it's still mostly a covered courtyard. 

This Brazilian eatery also have a woodfire oven, so I opted for one of their pizzas, which was very tasty, but slightly lukewarm, a little hotter would have been nice.

On Saturday evening we tried The Hall courtyard brasserie at Palihouse Holloway Hotel in West Hollywood.  This place is the epitome of style over substance.  Slightly hidden away to the casual passerby, the hotel bar seems to be a hangout for L.A.'s bright young things, whilst we dined in the lovely courtyard area.  The design and setting are great, unfortunately the service lets the place down.

For example, we were ordering and the waiter kept walking off before all our party had finished telling him what we wanted (it shouldn't have been that hard as there were only four of us).  We were given the wrong cutlery for the dishes we were served and were even missing knives and spoons for some courses and had to ask for them - not good.

The Hall courtyard brasserie
The food itself was OK, but not exceptional for the high price.  Both of our Tomato Tart starter pastry was a bit overcooked, whilst my Duck Confit was a bit dry and Charlie's mussels were not warm enough.

We still had a perfectly pleasant evening though, as the pretty outdoor setting made up for the imperfect service and slightly disappointing food. 

I think I'm even hungrier now.  best get on as I've got another busy day ahead of me...

p.s. Kim Kardashian was sent home on Dancing with the Stars - no great loss there then!

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