Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The sun shines at The Getty Villa, Malibu...

Now this is more like it - a glorious sunny day in a wonderful setting! I absolutely loved The Getty Villa in Malibu.
Welcome to The Getty Villa
The sun was shining, the sky the clearest blue and temperature in the 80's so the perfect day to drift around the Villa, the Museum, galleries and its gardens.
Outer Peristyle The Getty Villa
One of the great things about The Getty Villa is that it's free (you only pay a $10 parking fee per car) and it's easy to find, just off the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) and not far from Santa Monica.  
The Getty Villa in Malibu
It's open Thursday to Monday and you need to reserve your tickets in advance. I easily booked ours online and simply printed them off.  Our time slot was for 12 midday, but we arrived about 30 minutes early and it was all fine.
Outer Peristyle Getty Villa Malibu
In 1945 J. Paul Getty bought the sixty-four acre site in Malibu and in 1954 opened the original J. Paul Getty Museum
Getty Villa formal gardens
He re-created a first-century Roman country house, the Villa dei Papiri, in 1968. It was modeled after a Roman country house in Herculaneum, buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in A.D. 79. 
Getty Villa pool fountain
In 1974 The Getty Villa opened to the public and was renovated over ten years ago in 1997, just before The Getty Center opened in L.A.  It reopened in 2006.
Bronze statues The Getty Villa
Anyway, that's it for the history lesson.  
The Getty Villa mosaic flooring
With the fabulous setting, lush green gardens and clear blue sky it's not hard to imagine you're in Italy or somewhere in the Mediterranean.
Bronze statues Outer Peristyle Getty Villa
The drive up to the Villa really sets the scene for the overall experience, as the driveway is paved with large irregular stones to replicate Roman roads and gives a real sense of arrival as you slowly start to see glimpse of the Villa and its surroundings.
Herb Garden Getty Villa
The galleries in the J. Paul Getty Museum feature Greek, Roman and Etruscan artifacts and I personally preferred the sculptures and Mediterranean antiquities in The Getty Villa to the paintings and fine art on display The Getty Center.  
Statue of the Victorious Youth
Getty Villa sculpture
The busts and statues of gods and heroes from ancient mythology were most pleasing to the eye and really fit in well with the Villa setting.
Sculpture Getty Villa
Getty Villa statue Outer Peristyle
After enjoying the Museum galleries and the Inner and Outer Peristyle gardens, we popped along to the Villa Cafe to share some lovely thin pizza and a glass of sparkling wine in the sun.

Images of the Inner Peristyle at The Getty Villa
The Getty Villa Inner Peristyle
Inner Peristyle Getty Villa
Inner Peristyle Getty Villa
Come back tomorrow for more great images of The Getty Villa in Malibu - ornate ceilings, beautiful gardens and more...

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