Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The best of puppy at the beach so far...

After my bonding session playing frisbee at the beach with pup yesterday and with the threat of rain imminent (in L.A. no less, I know!), I thought it would be good to revisit some of Cooper's best moments at the beach to date.  Mind you with that marine layer along the coast, it's not always sunshine and clear skies.
Wet & sandy Labrador puppy at 17 weeks
For all you regular visitors I've also tried to include some original never-before-seen photos, as well as some recycled favourites.
Puppy's first visit to the beach at 17 weeks
His first outing to Sycamore Cove in Ventura County was when he was just seventeen weeks old.  
Cooper & Ginger making a splash in the waves
He was slightly distracted by the presence of his gal-pal Ginger and human-pal Barry and just wanted to pester them the whole time, but he still had fun on the beach and splashing in the waves.
Pup at the beach at 17 weeks
He looks so much smaller and younger then, though still as happy as ever.
Beach hut pup
His next visit wasn't as filled with sunshine as we drove the the beach early in the morning before the coastal mists had cleared.  Here he's around twenty-three weeks old.
Beach puppy racing up the beach
The beach was pretty much empty and in the off season at the end of September it didn't have a lifeguard on duty.  
Heading into the Pacific
We didn't want to leave Cooper off the leash though as there were a few surf fishers and we didn't want him getting hurt or tangled in their fishing lines.
Pup in chilly waters
Even though it was very misty it was still warm, especially racing up and down the shore.  Unfortunately the same could not be said of the freezing cold Pacific Ocean!
Making a big splash
We didn't mind though as we were having lots of fun and Cooper was fascinated by the sights, sounds and smells of the waves breaking on the beach.
Pacific ocean puppy
He's not had a really good swim since his first time in a swimming pool, but he likes wading into the water, especially if there's someone there to join in the fun.
Sitting on the beach at Sycamore Cove
If we had a garden I know that Cooper would be a real digger, so he loves the consistency of the sand as it allows him to have a good dig.
On his third visit to Sycamore Cove on California's West Coast we were able to leave Cooper off-leash for the first time to run freely up and down the beach.  As you can imagine he loved it.
Puppy racing through the waves
Luckily we had a friend in town who came with us and was able to get some pictures of all three of us together which was a real treat. 
Sycamore cove beach boys
It was mid-October but the sun was shining and the marine layer had cleared away.
Sycamore Cove pup with pine cone
Aside from the driftwood Cooper found other things to chew, reminding us the next time we really needed to bring a few toys with us for him to play with.
Sycamore Cove Labrador pup
So that brings us up to date and about a month since his last visit.  Now Cooper is just over sevens months old and starting to look more and more like a grown-up Labrador every day.
Our 7 month old Labrador Cooper
This time it was just me, Cooper and a frisbee (OK and a tennis ball).  
Ball fun at the beach
It took him a while to work out I couldn't throw it if he was chewing it all the time and alas it wasn't long until the frisbee fun was over and it was lost at sea.
Frisbee fun for Cooper
Along with chasing frisbees and balls, Cooper also had fun chasing the seagulls and other birds lining the shore.
Surf fun for pup
It wasn't long for him to rediscover his love of digging either and he was soon quite literally up to his neck in sand.
Beach digging fun
And there you have it, Cooper's adventures at the beach so far.  I'm hoping that there will be many more trips to come.
Pup watching the waves
Next on my list is Huntington Beach.  Apparently it's one mile of golden sands where dogs can run free, 37 miles south of L.A. and 89 miles north of San Diego.  

I'm sure Cooper can't wait... 

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