Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big chairs and over-sized lamps are all the rage in West Hollywood...

So I'm starting to run out of local landmarks to photograph (L.A. doesn't tend to have that many great architectural buildings of any note), but West Hollywood does have the visually interesting Pacific Design Center.
Seat of Design chair sculpture outside the PDC
Outside on Melrose Avenue you'll find these eye-catching sculptures or installations, whatever you want to call them, a large chair and a big lamp (which kind of looks like an outdoor patio heater).
The Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood
I think their dramatically sleek look is cool and chic. The monumental chair is called 'Seat of Design' and large lamp named 'Illuminating Design' and were unveiled in October 2002.  
Illuminating Design lamp sculpture outside WEHO's Pacific Design Center
They were designed by renowned design firm Selbert Perkins, who are also responsible for creating the Gateway Design at LAX (Los Angeles Airport).
Seat of Design chair sculpture outside the Pacific Design Center
The sculptures are meant to embody the design aesthetic of the PDC and creativity of West Hollywood, which houses many of L.A.'s interior design glitterrati - it's where the professionals go when they are working on a commercial or residential projects for all their design inspiration and furnishing needs.
The iconic Pacific Design Center
Not to be stereotypical (but I will be), but it's not surprising that West Hollywood has such a stylish and trend-setting venue as it is home to over 15,000 gay men (more at the weekend when everyone descends on WEHO to enjoy the vibrant bar scene and nightlife).
Pacific Design Center chair sculpture
In an attempt to get to know them better, last night we attended a little drinks gathering our condo neighbours had organised. Someone I was talking to, who'd lived here since the 1960's, made a good point.  He said you don't actually live in L.A. as it's hard to view it as one place with its sprawling nature, you actually live in one of its many cities that make up L.A. County, which each have their own individual personalities.

We're certainly getting to know our West Hollywood neighbourhood well, but I'm sure there's still lots to discover in other parts of L.A. and Southern California. With the long Thanksgiving weekend coming up, maybe we'll get to do some more exploring...

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