Thursday, November 13, 2008

Changeling is not such a challenging movie...

Changeling is not exactly a challenging movie to watch, but it is entertaining fare.

Set in the world of 1928 L.A. where police corruption reigned and inspired by a true story, Changeling is about a single mother who goes to work one day and returns home to find that the worst has happened, her son is missing.  When she calls the police to report her lost son, Walter, she is dismissed as being an overly concerned parent. 
Changeling movie wallpaper
Time passes and eventually the LAPD report that they have found the boy, but when he is returned to her at the train station she discovers he is not her son.  The police try to convince her that she's just in shock and her son has changed in the months he's been missing, but she knows the truth and ends up challenging the system to find out what has really happened to her son.
Changeling movie with Angelina Jolie
She's so convincing in her action roles in films like Wanted and Tomb Raider or she's in the spotlight for populating a small continent single-handedly with her husband, Brad Pitt, or for infamously luring him away from his wife at the time, Jennifer Aniston, it's easy to forget how good an actress Angelina Jolie is. You may know all her celebrity scandal, but did you know that she's actually won an Oscar for her supporting role in the 1999 film Girl, Interrupted.

She puts in a great understated performance as the distraught and loving mother, whose journey takes her from being wrongfully committed in a psychiatric hospital, against corrupt cops in L.A. courtrooms, to the final confrontation with the man who abducted and may have murdered her son.  
Angelina Jolie in Changeling
Angelina Jolie delivers a powerful performance and it is a good story, but overall this crime thriller isn't too taxing on the audience and you are pretty much led by the hand through the plot, so there's not that much mystery there.

I give the movie three *** stars. 

I think I would have enjoyed it even more if I didn't have a Chinese family behind me jabbering away incessantly throughout the film (it was almost as if they were translating the movie out loud for each other - and unfortunately for the rest of the audience), so much so that after I'd shushed and given them my demon stare twice, I got up and moved a few rows back to enjoy the rest of the movie.
Changeling movie costumes on display at Arclight Hollywood
Anyway, here are some 1920's inspired costumes from the movie for you to enjoy, snapped in the Arclight Hollywood cinema foyer.
Changeling film costumes on display at Arclight Hollywood foyer
It was also strange to see 1920's L.A. depicted in the movie, as the suburban houses seemed reminiscent of the temporary accommodation in Burbank's studio land that we stayed in for the two months upon our arrival to these shores (it was a bit like living in a time warp).

Anyhow, I've already booked my next cinematic outing for Saturday evening, we're off to see the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.  I've heard mixed reviews so far, so I hope the title isn't the only questionable thing about the film...

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