Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A disappointing early Christmas present from Abercrombie & Fitch...

You know that feeling when you unwrap a Christmas present and discover it's something you didn't really want or need, that's how I felt when I saw the new Abercrombie & Fitch male model billboard on Sunset Boulevard, which I can only assume is their new Christmas campaign.
Christmas Abercrombie & Fitch billboard advertisingSadly it's not a very appealing stocking filler and wouldn't even rate much as a 'Secret Santa' prize either.  I much prefer the previous billboard which had a much more pleasing aesthetic.  

In short, what's happened to the eye candy?  Hot male Abercrombie & Fitch model billboard
Speaking of the festive season, I'm still marveling at how it's the middle of November and still in the high 80's, whilst back home in London it's like a typical cold, wet winter.  Long may the sunshine continue here in L.A. so I can continue wandering around in shorts, t-shirts and sandals.
West Hollywood Christmas lights
However, I have to say their idea of Christmas lights here in West Hollywood leaves something to be desired, although I'm not sure how good festive decorations look with blazing sunshine, clear blue skies and palm trees - it's going to be a weird first Christmas in L.A.
West Hollywood festive lights
With presents and celebrations in mind, today Cooper is seven months old, and so our gift to him was a nice big rawhide bone (the small ones don't last five minutes these days).  As you can see he was very grateful and enjoyed it with gusto. 
Happy 7 months Cooper
He's growing up so fast and is at that in-between stage of his development, looking like a big adorable puppy and starting to resemble a handsome grown-up Labrador retriever.  But he'll always be our pup to us!
One dog and his bone
Now he's a big boy, the good news is that he can successfully navigate his way down stairs now without too much treat enticement, whereas before he'd flat-out refuse and you'd end up carrying him (thankfully we have an elevator, because there's no way we want to carry a 70lb pup down four flights of stairs).

Finally a bit of Hollywood gossip from our walk yesterday at Runyon Canyon, I think we saw Shawn Pyfrom, who plays Bree's troublesome teenage gay son, Andrew Van De Kamp in Desparate Housewives.  This makes sense as our friend regularly sees him shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond in Studio City and Runyon's not too far to go if you want a run with a friend as he was doing.

Anyway, until next time...

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