Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dog-Blog: Puppy takes a relaxing bubble bath...

There's nothing our young pup likes better after a long hard walk is a nice relaxing bath filled to the brim with bubbles (OK, maybe he's not the biggest fan of bubbles).
Bath time pup - bubbles
The last couple of times we've been to Runyon Canyon we've hiked along the highest ridges for a change.  Aside from the spectacular views, it's a slightly quieter pathway which means that when we do get back to the busy trail, Cooper is much calmer (if you can believe that) when it comes to puppy playtime.  
Bath time pup - suds nose
Today he had great fun exhausting himself chasing and carrying around one of the communal tennis balls that you come across in the dog park.  If it's not that it's likely to be a big stick, but for the sake of our fellow ridge walkers I thought we'd all be safer with a small ball rather than being swept off our feet with a huge tree branch or palm frond.
Runyon Canyon Labrador
As always Cooper managed to find the only mud around, plus at the watering stations he usually ends up tipping over the bowl and sitting down in the cool water.  Sometimes you can get to him in time or call him away, but at other times he's just like a stubborn hippo wallowing in mud.
Cooper loves his bath
So inevitably most times after we've been to Runyon, which tends to be every other day now which means he gets a day to recover his stamina (he is only a seven month old pup after all), he ends up taking a bath.  It's even one of the words he knows really well and gets more excited by having a bath than going for a walk.
Diggin' the bath
Unlike puppy's first bath when he was ten weeks old or even when he was having fun in the bath at fifteen weeks, now Cooper is almost as big as the tub and so when he splashes about, the water doesn't stay in the bath for very long.
Bath time wet pup
He's always sad to see the water disappear and puts his big paws to good use, scrabbling furiously around the plug-hole to stop it escaping in vain.
Where's the water going?
As if you didn't need any more convincing that he is the world's cutest pup, here's his impression of Yoda from Star Wars - "When seven months old you reach, look as good in a towel you will not!" (hmm, maybe that can be his Halloween costume next year).
Bath time pup wrapped in towels
There are only two more days left for you to vote for Cooper in the World's Coolest Dog Contest, and with almost 20,000 entries and 2.7 million votes to date, make sure you help our five-star pup win today.
Bath-time Cooper doing his Yoda impression
And finally, a bit more costume tomfoolery courtesy of my creative niece Lauren, check out Cooper & Co. in preparation for Christmas as Santa's little elven helpers...


The Rose with no Thorns said...

just hope Cooper is not using your Moulton Brown in the bath :-)

Jason in Hollywood said...

Only the best for our Cooper :-)

The Rose with no Thorns said...

tell me not the Warming Eucalyptus one *faints*

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