Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dog-Blog: Up on the roof...

Well to be precise, up on the roof deck.  Yesterday after my early morning 6am walk and subsequent 7.30am walk, I felt absolutely pooped so decided to return to bed to catch up on some much needed sleep.  
Up on the roof licking the plants
As they say, 'when the cat's away the mice will play' and so our pup got up to all kinds of trouble with his other dad.

There was lots of racing up the stairs, licking and chewing of plants and general mischief up on the roof terrace.  Luckily when I awoke around midday there was lots of photographic evidence of Cooper's misadventures.
On the roof playing with plants
So after a shower to wake myself up it was time to get some exercise and so it was off to Runyon Canyon for a refreshing Saturday afternoon walk.

In the evening we tried out on of Studio City's local restaurants, Vitello's, which is near one of my favourite L.A. eateriesAroma Cafe on Tujunga Avenue. 
Pup plant whisperer
The place is maybe less famous for its Italian cuisine and more for the fact that on 4 May 2001, the 67-year-old actor Robert Blake is alleged to have murdered his wife, Bonny Lee Blake, after dining at Vitello's.

I thought the food was passable last night, but I was totally unimpressed with the service.  Firstly on arrival after our friend had booked a table for four, they only had a reservation for two of us.  Not so much of a problem, as we only had to wait about five minutes to be seated upstairs.  

My friend had his diet coke brought to him in a plastic cup, as they'd run out of washed glasses.  Come on it's Saturday night and you know it's going to be busy, so have enough glasses available.
Lying down on the roof deck
Next they brought one of our starters about ten minutes before the other three, so that our friend had finished and had his plate cleared by the time the rest of us had our appetizers. 

Finally for desert, after ordering our choices, three of our selection were brought out and the waiter cheerily smiled and said there were no Cannoli left.  I thought he was joking of course, but no, rather than knowing what was available on the menu or coming straight back he'd waited until everything else was brought to us to then tell my friend he need to choose something else. Unbelievable. Such shoddy service.

I know I may sound a bit stuck up about the whole thing, but I always think service is such a selling point for a good restaurant and makes for a much more enjoyable evening for the diners.  
Pup on the stairs
Plus the fact is, we have many friends in the hospitality industry who know this stuff inside out and know how to do it properly, that it sticks out like a sore thumb when it's not.  The funny thing is that here in L.A. where the tip is so important, you'd think that staff would be more aware.  Our servers were friendly enough, I just think the owners need to think about the overall impression that they are creating for their establishment.

Anyway, rant over.  After a Sunday morning of cleaning the flat, it's time for a spot of lunch in the sunshine in West Hollywood...

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