Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The good news and the bad news...

What a brave new day we all woke up to today, eh?

I'm totally elated that Barack Obama was elected U.S. President last night - it's GREAT NEWS and also such a relief from what could have been.
Super President Obama
They always ask for any monumental world event, such as the first manned moon landing, JFK assassination or when the Berlin Wall was coming down, where were you?  Well for most of those, I wasn't even born, so I'm delighted to say that I was actually here in America to witness Obama win the U.S.'s 44th Presidential Election.
Obama wall mural in Venice Beach
I was actually lucky to share the experience with my partner of nine years and a few fellow Brits (along with a Dane) in the hills above Los Feliz.  We were having one of our usual L.A. 'transplant' get together to see how we're all settling in after eight months of being here in the States - new apartments, marriages, puppy updates and the like.

We watched McCain's speech where he acknowledged that he had lost the campaign and in his defense I actually thought that if he had shown half as much passion and emotion in the run up to the election, rather than using all those dirty smear tactics, more people may have voted for him, rather than think he was totally devoid of personality and charisma.
Vote Election Day billboard in L.A.
It's been so fascinating to be living here in America in the run up to this election. In the UK you tend to vote for a party that you want in government, obviously they have a leader like Blair or Thatcher, but over here it's very much about the individual that you're voting for.

Obama's winning speech was very stirring (although what was his soon-to-be First Lady wearing - urgh, what a horridly unflattering dress Michelle) and full of pride and hope for the future, I just pray that he can deliver some of what he has promised in his manifesto.  

Electing the nation's first African-American President is a truly groundbreaking step forward for change and I think it's not just a great day for America, but also the world.  Let's face it, he's got a lot of damage to repair after Bush, in the U.S. but also to rebuild relationships around the globe.
Super Obama for President
I also think it's amazing that he's achieved all this and he's only 47 years old (did McCain ever stand a chance at 72?).  He must be one ambitious and visionary man.  I've never been that ambitious in life.  

I remember when I was younger looking forward to growing up and eating a whole tin of canned tuna (which I loved and still do) to myself, rather than wanting to be a doctor or pilot - it's the simple things in life really.  I've never aspired to be a manager, director or vice president in business.  I've always just wanted to do well and move ahead, plus I tend to get bored easily and that has been one of my main drivers in my career.  Anyway, as always I digress.  

In today's opening title I also mentioned some very BAD NEWS and above I said that I'd spent the election evening watching the results and speeches with my partner of nine years.  Well unfortunately, even though America is ready to embrace a fresh new President (although I have my suspicions they would have never voted for a female President), the majority of Californians could not bring themselves to Vote NO on Prop 8 (although at least 5 million did) and so once more same-sex marriage is against the law.
Jason & Charlie - Gay and proud of it!
Are we really that scary?  Is it fair that our loving relationship is treated less equal than opposite sex couples?  Why can't we be allowed to have the same rights as straight people? It's a sad day for the gay community and in my opinion for the 'civilised' world, so today I'm slightly depressed about the whole thing.

I'm hoping that with Obama now in power (who actually acknowledged his gay citizens in his acceptance speech), maybe he can change things on a Federal, rather than just a State level.  I can only hope that change will come. It may take some time, but I have more faith in him than I ever did in a McCain/Palin Presidency.
Our unconventional loving family unit
Luckily back in the UK Civil Partnerships for gay couples are legal, so at least I know that equality is possible somewhere in the world.

Anyway, back in the world of down to earth day-to-day dramas, in all the excitement yesterday I forgot to mention that after a night of heavy rain whilst we slept our condo sprang a leak, of all places in one of our built-in wardrobes. Nothing was damaged, just a bit wet, but it's apparent that usually sunny L.A. is not designed for rain with all its leaky flat roofs.
Pup sleepy on the sofa
I also had a trip to the vet with Cooper.  There's nothing wrong, just the usual puppy growing pains.  But we did find out that he now weighs 69 lbs. Unfortunately our vet still considers our pup to be overweight, so we'll be changing him to grown-up dog food next (as apparently puppy food is more calorific).

I personally think Cooper looks the right shape and build for his breed and it's not as if he doesn't get enough exercise.  It's dark by 5pm here these days now that the clocks have gone back, so I'm having to time my trips to Runyon Canyon with Cooper earlier and I've discovered that around lunch time (now that it's cooler), is a much quieter walk.

Anyway, after the disappointing Proposition 8 news, life goes on and I've spent today at the gym, cleaning the flat and wiping down the inside of my muddy car (after thunder storms and dirty paws).  

Who knows what delights tomorrow will bring...


Mego said...

I was so upset about Prop 8 going through.

I am currently a lone lesbian in South Carolina, but it was nice to know that I could one day have a wedding in San Francisco (it's my favorite city, so that was a bonus) and then having it shot down by ignorance and stupidity.


Hopefully there really will be change with Obama and he'll give us the rights that we deserve :)

Anonymous said...

Agree totally.

No, it is not fair that you and your partner are treated differently than same-sex couples, in any respect---it is out-right wrong. I don't like the idea of government getting into peoples' business, but this is an issue (which should be a non-issue) that should not be left to the states. IMO, individual states cannot be trusted to "do the right thing" and protect all citizens' rights. Nationally, ALL citizens should be given equal rights despite sexual orientation, race, religion, etc., etc. And for those who don't like it, suck it up and get with the program!

I, too, hope that Obama will bring compassion and good sense back to the White House.

"Hey!" to Cooper from Lucy and yes, what was Michelle Obama thinking? When she walked out on stage my first thought was "Spiderwoman." :o)

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks ladies for the comments of encouragement.

I've had a night to sleep on it so am a bit more optimistic now, as the troops as mobilizing and I think it won't be long before we get equal rights - we are a clever and tenacious bunch of people and I think these set-backs only make us fight harder for what is right.

We'll get there in the end :-)

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