Thursday, November 6, 2008

L.A. landmarks viewed from Runyon Canyon...

Following the last few days of excitement, elation and disappointment in equal measure, it was back to the more daily routine of grocery shopping at Ralph's and walking Cooper at Runyon Canyon Park.
Runyon Canyon Labrador and view of Downtown L.A. behind him
It's been an especially clear day today, so I thought I'd share with you all some of the fantastic views of L.A.'s famous landmarks visible from Runyon Canyon.
The Capitol Records Building
The Capitol Records Tower, or the Capitol Records Building as it is also known, is one of the most distinctive landmarks in L.A. and can be found on the corner of Hollywood and Vine.
Capitol Records Tower
Even though the thirteen-story tower is earthquake resistant, it was shown torn apart by tornados in the Hollywood blockbuster movie The Day After Tomorrow.
Runyon Canyon view of the infamous Hollywood Sign
The world famous Hollywood Sign was erected in 1923 by the Hollywoodland Real Estate Group and was originally intended to only remain in place a year and a half.  
Runyon Canyon Labrador Cooper with Hollywood Sign in the background
Over 80 years later, and with four letters less, the Sign is one of America's most iconic landmarks.
The Hollywood Sign and The Griffith Observatory
The Griffith Observatory is just above the Los Feliz neighbourhood on the southern slope of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park.  One of L.A.'s iconic landmarks it is 1,134 feet above sea level and can be seen from many places in the Los Angeles basin. 
Runyon Canyon view of The Griffith Observatory
The Observatory is a great location for shooting movies and TV shows alike and such gems as Rebel Without a Cause, The Terminator and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, plus many more have been filmed there.
Runyon Canyon pup with Downtown LA in the background
The elevation of Runyon Canyon gives you a great perspective of the sprawling L.A. landscape, including views of Downtown L.A., Hollywood, WEHO, Beverly Hills and beyond.

With the brilliantly clear skies today you could even see all the way down Santa Monica Boulevard to the Pacific Ocean.
View of Santa Monica Blvd from Runyon Canyon
In the foreground to the left-hand side of the pictures you can also see the impressive ark-like building of the Pacific Design Center on Melrose Avenue in the heart of West Hollywood.  Usually there is too much smog or haze to allow you to see this clearly.
Runyon Canyon Pacific Ocean view
The PCD was designed by architect Cesar Pelli and opened in 1975.  Initially just the 750,000 square-foot Center Blue building, the dramatic Center Green opened in 1988 adding a further 450,000 square-feet.  A new Red Building is currently being added with a 2009 completion date. 
Runyon Canyon Happy Labrador pup
Now that my house-guests have gone and the clocks have turned back I'm trying to establish a new schedule for Cooper, as dogs tend to love routine.  With darker evenings and slightly cooler weather, I'm now able to take our six and a half month old pup to Runyon for a long walk in the daytime, as opposed to the end of the day. 
Muddy Runyon Canyon Labrador
No matter what time of day or how hot it is though, you can always guarantee Cooper will find a puddle of mud to lie down in.

Another thing we are learning is that he also loves to play with big sticks when he's out and about - no matter whose legs he knocks from under them as he runs past.
Runyon Canyon pup & his stick
Runyon Canyon will give you great views if you're visiting L.A. and I'm always surprised when locals say they've never been as it's a great walk, whether you have a dog or just want some exercise.  Just wear some sensible shoes with a good grip as there are some steep slopes (even I slipped and took a tumble today).  It can be quite dusty and hot so you may want to dress accordingly and take some water with you.  And remember it's an off-leash dog park, so don't go there if you have a phobia or don't like dogs to come up to you. 

Anyway enjoy and come back soon for more great images of L.A...

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