Sunday, November 30, 2008

Looking for inspiration on the last day of November...

After nearly nine months of blogging I feel like I'm having a creative lull.  

Now that we've been living in L.A. for almost three quarters of a year I feel like we've seen most of the local sights and landmarks and as the days are cooling off slightly and intensity of sun fading, it seems as though my inspiration is drying up a bit too.Cure Cooper's puppy face
However, as often of late, when I need to be inspired I turn to my muse Cooper. He provides encouragement, motivation and optimism with his boundless energy and helps spark my imagination and creativity with his cheeky antics.
Autumnal pup Cooper
Yesterday I was reminded that there are still exciting things to be seen in Los Angeles as I had a celebrity sighting in Studio City.  I swear I saw the young actor Shia La Beouf of Transformers, Eagle Eye and Indiana Jones IV fame.  He was with a girl heading into Bed, Bath & Beyond looking his signature scruffy self (and if it wasn't him it was his lookalike).

My blog is also great for having a rant and getting things off my chest too.  Like yesterday at Bed, Bath & Beyond when we left our shopping cart to get a new coffee machine off the shelf and came back to discover someone had stolen our store coupons right from under our noses.  
Cute 7 month old beach Labrador
Like true Brits we were horrified by the impoliteness of it all and complained to the store manager about their unruly customers.  Luckily they were really understanding and gave us our discount, saving us over $87, which isn't an insignificant sum at all!  Good customer service saves the day.
Rope bone pup
Aside from my adorable Labrador pup providing inspiration, I also love it when someone sends me an email or comment asking a question about Cooper, complementing my blog, or even trying to find out more information about an image or something I've featured from my exploration of L.A. (I don't even mind constructive criticism or corrections either!).

If you enjoy what I do and you're interested you can become a fan of Jason in Hollywood on Facebook and also check out my photostream on Flickr.  It's all just an extension of the 'Jason in Hollywood' brand experience and you'll find additional images and updates, plus there's even some videos of Cooper on my YouTube page.
Beach fun pup
For those of you needing your daily Cooper update, I'm proud to say that he's turning into a real retriever at the moment and is slightly obsessed with his tennis ball (in combination with his miniature American football) and loves having them thrown for him.  Then he tries to get both in his mouth at the same time, which he's actually accomplished several times, though sadly I've yet to capture it on camera so far (not long until then though I'm sure).
American football pup
Anyway, this week I'll be home alone with pup (so not alone at all), as my other half flies to Florida for work, so I think it's time to find me some inspiration and get my creative juices flowing.

Wish me luck...

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