Friday, November 14, 2008

Movie costumes and props on display at ArcLight Hollywood...

Inspired by my latest visit to the cinema to see Changeling yesterday and by the costume and prop display for forthcoming movie, Milk, I thought that today I would do a round-up of all the movie costumes and props I've captured on camera in the foyer at ArcLight Hollywood cinema. 
Milk movie poster
For those not in the know, Milk is based on the true events of California's first openly gay elected official, Harvey Milk.  He became a member of the San Francisco board of Supervisors and symbol of hope for the gay community who was assassinated by fellow Supervisor, Dan White, and his sad death quite literally helped to change the course of history.  

The movie opens on November 26th, so I can't wait to see it, but for now here are some costumes and props from the film.

Movie costumes & props from the movie MILK

MILK film costumes and props
MILK movie costumes
MILK movie props

Costumes from MAMMA MIA: THE MOVIE

Mamma Mia The Movie teaser poster
Costumes form Mamma Mia The Movie

THE DARK KNIGHT movie costumes:

The Dark Knight movie billboard in New York CityBatman suit - The Dark Knight movie costumeClown gang masks - The Dark Knight movie costumes
The Joker costume from The Dark Knight movie

Costumes from the western APPALOOSA

Appaloosa Movie posterAppaloosa Movie costumes displayed at the Arclight Hollywood
Appaloosa film costumes on display

THE DUCHESS period movie costumes

The Duchess movie poster
The Duchess movie costumes
Costumes from The Duchess movie
The duchess film costumes on display at Arclight Hollywood

Costumes from the 1920's era movie CHANGELING 

Changeling movie poster
1920's era costumes from Changeling movie1920's era movie costumes from Changeling

Costumes & props from video game adaptation MAX PAYNE

Max Payne film poster
Movie costume from Max PayneFilm props from Max PayneFeamale assassin costume from Max PayneMax Payne movie props

Movie costume & car from IRON MAN

Iron Man movie poster
Iron Man suit worn by Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr Iron Man suit
Tony Stark's car from Iron Man movie
Iron Man suit close up
Tony Stark's Audi form the Iron Man movie

Movie memorabilia and billboards from THE INCREDIBLE HULK

Incredible Hulk movie wall mural in New York City
Incredible Hulk statue in Arclight Hollywood cinema foyer
The Incredible Hulk movie billboard on Sunset Blvd
The Incredible Hulk in the Arclight Hollywood foyer

Now do you see why the ArcLight Hollywood is my favourite cinema in L.A.?  

It's just a great way to further enhance the movie going experience and as the displays are usually in the foyer you can just walk right in and take a look with no need to even buy a cinema ticket.

For those of you not living in Los Angeles, never fear, Jason in Hollywood will continue to bring you the best movie coverage from the ArcLight and around studio land...

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