Monday, November 3, 2008

Rants, raves and more random stuff...

So I've got a mixed bag of weirdness for you all today.

First off a BIG THANK YOU to all the loyal and new visitors to Jason in Hollywood. October was my best month to date, with blog traffic up an amazing 25% month on month, visits up 15% and number of pages viewed up over 12%. Not bad going really (but mainly thanks to Cooper for all his adorable puppy pictures). 
Cooper is growing so big
It's nice to know that more people are getting to enjoy my blog after all the time, love and energy I put into it.

Anyway, back to my daily dose of neurosis and the first rant of the week.  Take a look at this picture and tell me if you can see anything wrong with it.
Over-packaged Amazon order
The product on the left is a nice new coffee-table style book of London Photography that Charlie ordered from Amazon.  The box on the right is the packaging it came in.  Does this photo do justice to the over-packaging of this online order?  

I know that we all want the stuff we order from the internet or even by mail order to arrive safely and in a good condition, but this is ridiculous.  Talk about waste, it's almost obscene. All I can say is that it's lucky that we recycle. 

Moving on, tomorrow is going to be a big day here in America with the 2008 Presidential Election finally here, but doubly so in California where the vote on Proposition 8 will take place too.
Vote NO on Proposition 8
I really urge all Californians reading this blog to VOTE NO ON PROP 8 and support equality and the right for gay marriage, but also to safeguard human rights in the future, because if this unfair law passes what will be next?  This is discrimination, so don't let the bigots win.

At the same time you're voting for Obama and No on Prop 8, remember there's still time to cast your vote for the World's Coolest Dog, our very own star performer, Cooper.  
Bean bag pup
Here's a few more cute pictures of him in case you need any more convincing of why he should win.
Exhausted pup on the tiles
Speaking of voting, visitors to Jason in Hollywood voted the Griffith Observatory as L.A.'s best landmark or tourist attraction, with an overwhelming majority of 53%. 
Griffith Park Observatory
Don't agree? Next time make sure to have your say. Why not let me know what your favourite weather is in my new poll today?

And finally (I told you this would be a weird collection of randomness), here's Cooper proving that it's the simple things in life which are most enjoyable - give a dog a bone and you'll make him happy for hours!

Get voting people - every vote counts...

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Jason in Hollywood said...

Hi everyone - just to apologise for the crappy 'Vote yes on 8' ad currently showing on my blog.

This is NOT something I want or endorse, it's something that's randomly generated by Google Ad Sense and I have already tried to change the settings to stop these bigoted and discriminatory ads being shown (unfortunately it may take some hours to rectify).

I apologise.

In the meantime, please ignore the advert and make sure you VOTE NO ON PROP 8.

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