Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Snow vs. sunshine - and the winner is...

In the latest poll the majority of you voted that you preferred snowy weather conditions to glorious sunshine, by 63% to 18%.

Obviously those who cast their vote couldn't be living here in sunny L.A. (although maybe they were just pining for their hometown as we're fast discovering that there are very few native Los Angelenos living here at all).
Snowy West London garden
Anyway, here's a picture of our small, but we always thought perfectly formed, garden back in London, with just a sprinkling of snow on the ground (not enough to make a decent snowman or snowball though).

You don't tend to get much snow living in Central London, but even a tiny snowflake or leaf on the track always seemed to bring the whole railway network grinding to a halt, so that part of my commute to work I do not miss at all.

I do like snow though, especially at Christmas time (which very rarely happens these days), but I couldn't live in the cold all year round, whilst glorious sunshine is easy to wake up to and spend the day in.
Sunny small London garden
Here's another photo of our London garden in sunshine. We do miss having the outside space to step out onto and I'm sure Cooper would love to be out digging up that lawn and tearing down those shrubs (he can be a right vandal at times).

It's not all bad though, as we do have a nice little roof deck here in West Hollywood with a view of the Hollywood Hills, nestled within a well maintained and quite green condo complex.
WEHO roof deck patio
It still amazes me how lush and green L.A. looks sometimes considering this was originally desert land. Mind you the gardeners don't scrimp at all on watering the plants and after all this is the land of manicured lawns and sprinkler systems, so god help if the water pipeline ever shut down or the dam sprung a leak - I'm sure L.A. would be parched and dry in no time.

Anyway, speaking of London and the UK, why not cast your vote and tell me what you consider is the most iconic British thing, place or person in your eyes. If you feel I've missed something out, don't be afraid to post a comment or send me an email.

Ta ta for now...

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