Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spectacular Santa Monica Sunset...

For a change for us all, yesterday we headed down to Palisades Park on Santa Monica's Ocean Avenue.
Santa Monica spectacular sunset
Little did we know that we'd see the most stunning and amazing sunset over the Pacific Ocean.  
Santa monica's stunning sunset
Even these photos can't do justice or capture the rich colours of the sky as the sun went down.
Amazing Santa Monica sunset
It was like something out of an alien landscape with the bright red sun and the pink, dusky sky.
Santa Monica beach sunset
There was a real warmth in the air and a tinge of smoke, so I think the spectacular view was caused in part by the Southern California wildfires raging up in Santa Barbara and down in Orange County.
Santa Monica sunset on 15 November 2008
There were literally hundreds of people in the park and on the beach watching the sunset and taking pictures, filming and even painting the beautiful sight.
Sunset at Palisades Park
We were also slightly motivated to take a trip to Santa Monica as we've been watching ABC's Private Practice. 
Santa Monica sunset through the trees
The medical drama spin-off to Grey's Anatomy is set in Santa Monica and the surrounding areas of Malibu and Venice Beach.  
Santa Monica Palisades Park sunset
They occassionally film in Palisades Park where we were walking with young Cooper (they also have a character called Cooper which is always slightly bizarre to hear, now that we associate the name with our pup).
The sun goes down in Santa Monica
Wonderful sights like this is why we love living here in L.A. and being close to the ocean - thankfully, I tend to travel everywhere with a camera these days!
Sunset through palm trees in Santa Monica
I think it's always good to give Cooper a change of scenery for a bit of stimulation, as I'm sure he gets gets more than enough exercise at Runyon Canyon, but there's a danger of both of us going slightly crazy if we go for walks there day in and day out.
Charlie & Cooper at Palisades ParkJason & Cooper enjoy the Santa Monica sunset
As ever, trying to get Cooper to look directly at the camera when you want to pose with him to mark the occasion is not always possible.
Santa Monica ocean view sunset
In the evening we headed back to WEHO and then out for a leisurely bite to eat before taking in a late showing of the new 007 movie, Quantum of Solace, but I'll save my thoughts on the movie for tomorrow...

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