Saturday, November 1, 2008

Spooky fun at my first West Hollywood Halloween costume carnival parade...

Last night we enjoyed our first ever Halloween costume parade in our adopted home, West Hollywood.  
Halloween Spider-man & masked Batman
Lauded as the World's largest Halloween costume carnival, we didn't really know what to expect being not only WEHO, but also American Halloween virgins, but a fun-tastic time was had by all.West Hollywood Halloween Heroes 2008
There was a great vibe and fun atmosphere along the whole of the pedestrianised Santa Monica Boulevard.  It was a real adult affair, with very few children, and with the majority of the crowd dressed up in a variety of weird and wonderful outfits.
West Hollywood Halloween costume Parade 2008
As well as many off-the-rack costumes, you could also see the imagination that went into some of the costumed folk, combined with the people who had dressed in a group theme, like super-heroes, the U.S. Olympic team or in Halloween drag.
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2008
The packed street was hard to navigate in a mask at times, but we walked the length of cordoned off Santa Monica from La Cienega to Doheny taking in the sights and snapping the occasional photo.  
WEHO Halloween costume carnival
Music was pumping out, people were dancing and posing for photos and there really was a carnival spirit. 
Spider-man at the West Hollywood Halloween parade
As you can no doubt tell by now, I went as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man and I soon discovered that everybody loves the webbed wonder.  
Halloween Spider-man Jason
I'm not the biggest Spider-man fan in the world, but you have to admit it is a fairly iconic costume (Cooper seemed to like it anyway).  
Halloween Spider-man & his faithful sidekick Cooper
Throughout the night I got to spray silly string streamers as my webbing and I was asked to pose with kids, other super-heroes and hordes of Japanese tourists alike.
Halloween Spidey and his amazing friends
In the spirit of the Halloween celebrations I even mixed with the likes of DC Comics characters like Bat-Girl, Flash, Supergirl and the Dark Knight, as well as hanging out with my favourite Marvel Comics characters like Wolverine and Captain America.
Charlie Chaplin on stilts at the WEHO Halloween parade
My one-size-fits-all costume wasn't the best fit ever and it did require some emergency repairs before I left the house, but it was such fun to walk outside in the balmy evening air dressed in bright red and blue.  I really didn't feel or look out of place at all.
Carved Halloween pumpkin face in the dark
I think everyone appreciated that Halloween had fallen on a Friday this year as there were lots of parties in our condo complex before and after people headed to the parade.  
Halloween Jason as Spider-man
As the crowds flowed and bars filled up I could tell that there were going to be some glitter related incidents into the early hours.  I think there'll be a lot of sore heads today.
Halloween Charlie & Cooper
When we met up with some friends we were headed for a drink when I remembered that I didn't have my I.D. with me (or money for that matter) and the bars were asking for it (the joy of not having any pockets in your costume - I bet Peter Parker never had these problems as Spider-man).  
Halloween Spider-man posing
So we left our friends in the comfort of a pitcher of margaritas and carried on walking amongst the costumed crowd.  
Halloween Bat-Spider-man
We were still merry from some pre-parade champagne anyway and honestly I needed to take off my all-in-one costume every time I needed a pee, so it really wouldn't have been wise to start drinking lots of cocktails.
Halloween Spidey practices his web-shooters
After we'd had our fill of the frightful festivities (neither of us are that great in heaving crowds) we headed home to spend some quality time with our Halloween pup.
Halloween Charlie & pumpkin head
My arms still ached from carrying the pumpkin home a few blocks this afternoon - it was much heavier than it looked in the shop.
Pumpkin face & curious pup
Once I carved the spooky face it certainly intrigued our pup, almost as much as the Halloween balloons did in the morning.
Halloween pumpkin & pup
I couldn't resist dressing Cooper up in his caped Halloween costume for one last time (for this year at least). 
Halloween pup & Spider-man
He loves it really.
Halloween Cooper & Spider-man Jason
With Halloween well and truly over (with just a few zombies sighted wandering the streets this morning), it's time to gear up for our first ever Thanksgiving in the U.S.A.  
Carved Halloween pumpkin head
Maybe I should have kept all that pumpkin for some soup or traditional pumpkin pie?
Halloween Spidey & his faithful pup
Hmm, I wonder if I can wear my Spidey costume to that too...


Meghan said...

haha, you guys are too cute!

I would love to be in WEHO just once for Halloween...maybe one day, so for now I just live vicariously through you :-p

The Rose with no Thorns said...

So did Charlie make Pumpkin Pie for dinner tonight? looks like you all had a lot of fun. Cooper looks like he loved the balloons.

Costumes look great - not too sweaty then?

Jason in Hollywood said...

The costume was a bit hot & sweaty - all that polyester and both masks a bit claustrophobic, but a fun time was had by all.

Alas no pumpkin pie to be had...

The current exModians said...

No offence to our brothers and sisters in WeHo (OK...our sisters in WeHo), but NYC's Parade Parade is the largest of it's kind.

We've got bigger ones.

And don't ever forget that.

ha ha ha

Jason in Hollywood said...

I've never seen the NYC Halloween parade so I'll take your world for it - any Los Angelinos want to defend the weho carnival?

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