Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thunder and lightning, very, very frightening (for a young pup)...

Yesterday we experienced our first thunder storm in L.A., a very rare occurrence out here we're told.

With all the excitement in the run up to Halloween in West Hollywood we've not been able to take Cooper to Runyon Canyon for a good long walk in a couple of days, so we decided to make the most of the cloudy weather and take him earlier than usual in the daytime.
Rainy Runyon Canyon dog park
We met up with some friends and Cooper's gal-pals, Dot and Ginger, and we headed off down the canyon.  I joked about the bad weather and being caught out in thunder and lightning and lo and behold what should happen but an almighty thunder storm.  

As the heavens opened, with a booming crack of thunder and lightning that lit up the sky directly above us, our scared six month old pup took off like a shot back up the hill, running for his life.  It was an almighty thunder clap and no wonder it frightened and disoriented Cooper.  When I chased after him he stopped and was looking around wondering what had happened (just like the other dogs on the path).  

In the pouring rain I put him back on the leash so that he wouldn't disappear at the next sound of thunder and we huddled under the shelter of the trees wondering if the rain would ease off in a minute or so.  
Wet dogs and their drenched owners
After the next dramatic flash of lightning and loud clap of thunder (which pretty much literally scared the poop out of Cooper), we abandoned the walk and headed back to our cars in the sheet rain with three very disappointed and spooked dogs (and five drenched humans).

The rain was literally running off the hillside turning the car park into a mud bath and creating mini-rivers flowing down the road.  You can see how they have flash mud-slides out here, as after so many months of dryness the ground doesn't absorb the water, it just runs right off it.

Did I mention that today is the six month anniversary of passing my Californian driving test?  Maybe the flash thunder storm was an early anniversary present. Anyway, soaked to the skin and covered in mud from picking up our pup, I relinquished the driving on the way back to my more experienced other half, just in case the rain created some dicey driving conditions (a cop out I know, but I thought better safe than sorry in this inclement weather).
Fireside pup
When we got back home it was bath-time for our mucky pup and a nice hot cuppa for his two dads.  We even put the fire on for the first time to make it feel more homely.

Thankfully this freak weather is very unnatural for L.A., whilst back home in the UK muddy paws and the smell of wet dog would be a daily occurrence methinks.  With weather in mind, why don't you vote in the latest poll and let me know your favourite weather conditions.

Last night we headed off to the O-Bar for a nice dinner (although it was relatively quiet out post-Halloween) and today I think we'll attempt another trip to Runyon, this time sans thunder storm and torrential rain hopefully.

We've supposedly gained an hour now that the clocks have gone back for daylight saving, but after two walks this morning I'm ready for a nap now...

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