Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All this getting ready for Christmas is exhausting...

After all the preparation for Christmas over the last few days and weeks - finding the perfect presents, decorating the condo, hunting for the turkey and all the traditional dinner ingredients, writing lots of Christmas cards in time to airmail them to the UK and overseas, wrapping up all the gifts and most important of all, blogging about it all, I'm thoroughly exhausted and can't wait for a few days of festive relaxation.
Sleeping 8 month old pup
Today I popped out early to do my last bit of Christmas present shopping and then rushed back for a morning gym session (because I'm planning to eat loads of delicious things over Christmas, so I thought I'd better show some willing and exercise now).  Next it was off to Runyon Canyon to enjoy today's sunshine before the forecast rain over the next few days.  

Aside from having to walk the pup in the heavy rain and the whole rigmarole of drying him off when we get back in (he treats being toweled down like another big game and we end up wetter and muddier than he does), I'm looking forward to be able to stay in and watch some classic Christmas movies like Elf, Love Actually and The Muppet Christmas Carol.
Eyes open 8 month old pup
I think Cooper is so over Christmas already and would rather just curl up on the sofa and have a good sleep.  Little does he know what delights await him on Christmas Day.

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I hope Santa knows just how good a boy I've been this year. Only two more sleeps to go...

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