Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another frisbee bites the dust...

Or should that be another frisbee lost at sea?  That was the result on Sunday after Charlie's unsuccessful plunge into the Pacific Ocean to rescue it. 
Frisbee fun for pup
It was a bit annoying really as I'd just bought it to replace the other frisbee we'd lost and it was supposed to be one of those specially designed for dogs, that float, fly and that can be tugged along.
Frisbee dog
We also lost two tennis balls on the beach in the sand, but managed to find one that someone else had lost to replace them.
Jason & Cooper at the beach
Anyway, today I woke up as a 34 year old after a lovely birthday yesterday.  From what I can tell, not much has changed.  I've not suddenly sprouted a second head or lost all my hair overnight (although it is starting to recede a bit, doh!).
Mouthful of frisbee for pup
I spent most of the day yesterday doing most of the same things as usual. Walking the pup (in the rain, what's that about in L.A.?), working out at the gym (how good am I on my birthday?) and picking up my weekly comics supply (what an extra birthday treat).
Cooper's frisbee fun
Some of you may think that doesn't sound like that relaxing a day, but I enjoyed myself.  26% of visitors recently voted to say that you prefer to relax by watching a movie, well I did that the night before when I went to see The Day The Earth Stood Still at my favourite cinema, the ArcLight Hollywood.  I'm not a fan of hot chocolate like 20% of you are, but I agreed with the 10% that equally preferred to unwind with a glass or two of wine, a massage or a good magazine to read.
Beach pup with his new frisbee
In the evening some friends joined me for a great meal at Spark in Studio City.  I had a yummy pear, gorgonzola and walnut salad to start, followed by a pistachio encrustehalibut.  Naturally bubbles and wine were also consumed.
Beach frisbee fun
In addition to some great presents including a very cool new pocket-size camera (to snap all those celebrity sightings and movie costumes) and some very tasty champagne (to be savoured at a later date), one of my good friends surprised me with tickets to see Britney Spears in concert next year.  How cool is that? Let's just hope she can make it until then without another breakdown or totally going off the rails.
Pup in the surf
I'm still amazed that I was brave enough to make the decision to quit my job in London and make the move over here to L.A., but as you get older you realise there are more important things than just being part of the same old rat-race, like happiness and life experience.
Ocean spray Cooper
Saying all that I did miss having my UK friends here to celebrate with me yesterday.  Luckily the cold and rain helped remind me of old London town and a few cups of tea helped get me through the miserable weather.  
Sandy nose pup
Interestingly 11% of you thought that a nice cuppa was a classic British icon, whilst another 11% said the Union Jack Flag did it for them. 8% equally thought old Queenie herself or the River Thames were true British symbols, whilst the majority of blog visitors (25%) were won over by the marvelous London Eye (or Millennium Wheel as it's also known) found on London's SouthBank.
Fun at the beach
But even though I miss my friends and all those familiar British things, I wouldn't change a thing.

Now that my birthday is over, the countdown can truly begin for Christmas - only a week to go...

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