Saturday, December 20, 2008

Are you feeling festive yet...?

So this is the infamous last weekend before Christmas, are you feeling vaguely festive yet?
Flying Father Christmas Sleigh
I'll have to admit being here in L.A. makes it harder, with all the sunshine (although it is quite cold at times at the moment) and palm trees.
Mini Christmas tree decorations
But to try and keep the Christmas spirit alive we've decorated our condo the best we can with an eight month old puppy bouncing around the place.
Festive decorations
Whilst Charlie did some last minute Christmas shopping, along with the rest of L.A. I imagine, I headed up to Runyon Canyon to take Cooper out for a run, in between all the recent thunderstorms.
Cooper's festive lights
It's not the best photo, but I hope you can make out one of Santa's little helpers, who lent a paw making the place look festive.  
Rudolph Christmas stocking
At the moment he's fascinated with our singing reindeer Christmas stocking, that plays the 'Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer' song. Sadly it no longer moves after a few years of use, but maybe that's for the best as that may just send Cooper over the edge into a festive frenzy.
Apple store Santa
With only a few more days to get all our Christmas supplies we're wondering where to buy our turkey from and hoping that we can find all our favourite things in U.S. stores.
Apple store elf
I have to say it can still be a bit of a struggle after these many months to find what we really want in American stores. There seem to be countless aisles of syrup, cookies and sodas, but we do struggle when it comes to some world cuisines like indian and thai curry sauces, chinese noodles, tzatziki, chutneys and good old brown sauce. 
Christmas condo lights
Unlike the UK we also think it's harder to find all our food shopping in one store and I end up foraging between various Ralph's, Vons, Pavilions, Gelsons, Trader Joe's and Wholefoods to get everything I want.
Christmas decorations
So wish us luck in recreating our traditional Christmas dinner over here in L.A.

I just hope I can master our oven on the day too...

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