Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The birds of Sycamore Cove, or is that Pelican Bay...

I know that the traditional bird of this holiday season is a turkey, or even a red-breasted robin or a partridge in a pear tree, some turtle doves, french hens, swans a swimming, geese a laying or even a few calling birds, but after visiting Sycamore Cove on Sunday, maybe it should be a pelican.
Pelican silhouettes
In addition to Charlie taking the plunge into the Pacific Ocean we also had the opportunity to spot some of the Southern Californian coast's local bird-life.
Double decker pelicans
There was an amazing flock of pelicans circling over the beach in formation right above our heads and it was a spectacular sight to see.  
Six pelicans soaring
Our pup Cooper was also looking up and wondering what the big flying things above him were, although he didn't chase them as much as the little birds wading in the sand along the shoreline.
Birds wading in the sand
I've come to realise that this blog isn't simply about exploring L.A., living in West Hollywood and experiencing new American ways of doing things, it's also about capturing everything on camera with some amateur photography.
Birds over cliffs
Sometimes it's just nice to step back and marvel at nature around you. You wonder how does a bird fly, or are captivated by the colours of a sunset, or even like us, are constantly amazed and delighted watching our eight month old yellow Labrador pup.
Five pelicans flying
I think this blog has featured some fantastic images to date, like stunning Santa Monica sunsets, amazing views from Paradise Cove in Malibu, the inspiring city skyline of New York and so much more. 
Bird flight
But I can't take all the credit for the photographs featured on Jason in Hollywood, as my partner in crime Charlie is also one of my creative contributors.
Birds wading on the beach
Obviously it always helps when you have interesting things and places to take pictures of.  
Majestic pelican in flight
I'm not a huge bird watcher, but there is something quite majestic about a pelican in flight. 
Birds in the sky
We are still thrilled that it takes around an hour to drive to a beach where we can play with the puppy, whereas in the UK it would have taken us hours and there'd be no guarantee that the beach would have been empty.
Pelicans in the sky
There are closer beaches in L.A. County but they don't allow dogs on the beach and now that Cooper is such a part of our life, we are more than prepared to drive the extra distance to have some fun times with him in Ventura County.
Bird over the ocean
Along with the pelicans and other birds at the cove, at times we think we've also spotted some marine life in the water, like sea otters and seals.
Soaring pelicans
The wildlife over here in California is slightly different from the animals in Britain's countryside.  So far I've seen coyotes, pelicans and hummingbirds and then there's the animals I'm less enthusiastic to meet like rattlesnakes and mountain lions.  
Pelicans flying in formation
Although, I'm always happy to take their picture...

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