Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day - a British Christmas tradition...

The majority of America woke up today and was back to work, which seems like such a waste after all that preparation and build up for one day's celebration.
Christmas Day lunch 2008
At 6.30am this morning everything seemed back to normal on the streets of West Hollywood and the world was teeming with life again after there not being a soul about yesterday.
Jason in Hollywood celebrates Christmas Day 2008
In the UK we celebrate Boxing Day, which these days is just another excuse for a second festive day off work. It is a public holiday celebrated in Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and by other Commonwealth countries.
Charlie & Cooper open presents on Christmas Day 08
In the past Boxing Day was originally when those 'in service' would have the day off after performing their duties on Christmas Day to spend time with their families and the wealthy would give gifts to their employees or to the poor people in the lower social classes, like their household staff.
Christmas Day red wine 2008
Now the 26th December is more well known for the Boxing Day sales at the shops and in most families cases, another day of indulgence over the festive period.
Pup presents on Christmas Day 2008
Certainly for my family it was another chance to have a second roast dinner together, either with turkey leftovers or with ham or other meats. Sometimes it would be the day for other relatives to visit who hadn't come to see you on Christmas Day.
Cooper's first Christmas 2008
Yesterday we had a lovely day, our first Christmas here in L.A. There was a bit of rain, mostly in the morning and we did get some clear blue skies later in the day, which meant lots of walks together with the pup to get some fresh air.
Leave your presents here bauble
After a quick call home in the morning to the UK via the webcam (isn't modern technology wonderful), where it was 5pm already there, we started our own Christmas Day celebrations.
Jason and Cooper on Christmas Day 08
As with most things these days Cooper was the top dog on the day.  
Christmas Day 2008 - presents for pup
We made sure he had his own presents and that we opened his first, so he wouldn't be jealous when we opened ours.
Christmas Day 2008 - Puppy's presents
Actually he was as good as gold and once he'd had a play with some of his new toys he sat down to munch on a rawhide bone for a few hours (my cunning plan worked like a charm).
Christmas Day 08 - pup enjoying his presents
Whilst the turkey cooked we popped open a bottle of bubbly and started tearing into our Christmas presents.  
Toys for Cooper at Christmas 2008
It's always such a shame to open them as they all look so pretty all wrapped up.  
Jason toasts Christmas 2008 with champagne & gifts
This year I went for a traditional scheme of green, gold and red to wrap Charlie's gifts, whilst he opted for some fabulous glittery chocolatey bronze and white paper, with some lovely ribbon. 
Traditional red, green & gold wrapped presents at Christmas 2008
Unfortunately he had a hell of a time wrapping up my presents as the paper didn't like having anything taped to it (you should have heard the frustration the other night when he was trying to wrap them).  
Christmas 2008 wrapped gifts
Anyway, they looked wonderful on the day, so that's all that counts and literally fell open for me to save me having to exert myself.
Christmas Day 2008 - Snowflake Cooper
We also needed to keep everything off the floor this year to accommodate our eight month old pup, although saying that he was extremely well behaved and didn't chew any presents (however slobbering over them is a different matter).
Christmas Day 2008 - No rest from Cooper
There was no rest for the wicked yesterday, pup made sure of that when he saw his dad trying to take a sneaky post-dinner nap.
Christmas 2008 - wake up dad
Obviously it wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of drama.  In the evening we intended to plug in my new PS3 console and watch WALL-E on blu-ray, but sadly the 'Christmas Effect' kicked in and fates conspired against us and we couldn't get the damn thing to work.  Cue sulk from me and some much needed wine and apple pie to brighten my mood.
Christmas Day Charlie 2008
Delving into our extensive DVD collection I selected Gremlins to watch which has a nice christmas theme to it, as well as pesky reptilian monsters getting up to no good.
Gods of football calendar for Christmas 2008
Anyway, I was extremely grateful for all the fantastic presents that Santa brought me, including a Gods of Football calendar - although I'm not much of a sporty type, something tells me I may like this calendar full of scantily-clad Australian Football players.
Christmas Day 2008 pretty wrapped presents
I think both of us found it harder to buy presents for each other this year without all our favourite UK shops for inspiration and ideas.  Of all things we also struggled to find gift tags for the presents too.
Dog treats Christmas 2008
As you can imagine it was slightly easier to find the perfect treats for Cooper.
Festive bone for pup at Christmas 2008
Today to celebrate Boxing Day we've invited some friends over this evening for dinner, Charlie plans to cook and I'll supply the alcohol and perform my 'hostess-with-the-mostess' duties.
Charlie's presents - Christmas 2008
We've already taken pup up Runyon Canyon for a refreshing hike to blow those cobwebs away, so whilst he naps it's time to play with all of my new toys.
Christmas Day Celebrations 2008
Enjoy the rest of your Boxing Day as I raise a glass or two to you...


roentarre said...

Merry festive seasons and you definitely have fun there. The dog kiss is really a stellar shot

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thank you and Happy Holidays to you too!

Cooper kisses are always welcome!

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