Monday, December 29, 2008

Boxing Day hike up Runyon Canyon...

After a few days of festive eating and drinking you start to feel a bit stuffed like a turkey, so on Boxing Day (26th December) we took our pup for a much needed hike up Runyon Canyon to get some fresh air and burn off some Christmas calories.
Boxing Day Runyon Canyon walk
He really needs the long walk to expend all his energy as the last few nights when he's not been up to Runyon as often as usual, we've had a combination of paws in the face and an over-excited puppy licking our faces at 1am, 3am, 5am, whereas normally he'll sleep through until at least 6 am.
Runyon Canyon Hollywood Sign view
Now that it's cooler during the day and the fact he's getting much stronger and building his endurance, the three and a half mile or so trek is literally becoming 'a walk in the park' for him. 
Cooper & Jason on a Runyon Canyon hike
Even though it can be bitter cold in the morning here in L.A. it was a glorious day to walk along the mountain ridges with the views of the City of Angels spread out before us.  
Watering the pup at Runyon Canyon
The skies were so blue and clear (by L.A. standards) and in the distance you could see the snow capped mountains behind the Griffith Park Observatory. 
Griffith Observatory snowy mountain view
You could see also see all the way down to Santa Monica and the Pacific Ocean, past the towers of Westwood and Century City.
View of Westwood and Century City skyline
I also tried to take a panoramic view from the Canyon to give you some perspective of the sprawling L.A. basin.
Panoramic view of Los Angeles from Runyon Canyon
Panoramic view from Runyon Canyon
Panoramic view from Runyon Canyon
Panoramic view from Runyon Canyon
Panoramic view from Runyon Canyon
Last night I went to my first ever Hanukkah (or Chanukah - I'm told it can be spelt many different ways) dinner. To celebrate the eight-day Jewish Festival of Light we ate potato latkes, played with the dreidel and watched the whole lighting of the menorah candles and then as per normal for us, had too much to eat and drink.

So today after a much needed return to the gym this morning, it'll be off to Runyon again to do both pup and me some good...

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