Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas carnage - the festive aftermath...

I always think it's really sad when I see Christmas trees abandoned in the streets. Walking through the streets of West Hollywood it's like a Christmas tree graveyard at the moment.
Christmas tree graveyard
As Americans don't celebrate Boxing Day we even saw some trees thrown out on the roadside on the 26th December, which seems a bit excessive if you ask me.

Fortunately I'm told they do have a collection service for the trees in West Hollywood, whereas in our West London neighbourhood back home we'd need to take the tree to a nearby recycling centre. 

In London you'd always get those simpletons who'd just discard their tree into the streets though and they'd stay there for weeks looking more and more like a sad skeleton of their former selves (as the local council services refused to collect them).
Abandoned Christmas tree
I know that once the gift giving and festive celebrations are over, Christmas decorations start to look a bit sad (especially if you have a wilting tree), but I think that traditionally in the UK you are supposed to wait until the 12th Day of Christmas, 6th January, to take down your festive decorations, so I'm not sure if people follow that same rule here in the U.S.

This year we opted for a mini-artificial tree.  Not the same I know, but definitely safer with a big bounding puppy around methinks. So when the time comes we'll take that and the lights and other decorations down and store them away until next year.
Discarded Christmas tree
Speaking about the aftermath of the holiday season, it's much quieter driving on the roads at the moment in this post-Christmas and pre-New Year lull, but I know where everyone has gone.  

I'm just back from a walk with Cooper at Runyon Canyon and no matter what time of day you go there the last few days it's swamped with the usual people walking their dogs and people exercising, plus now there's whole families walking off the Christmas calories and enjoying the sunshine and 65 degrees.

Just wait until the New Year when all those resolutions to get fit and healthy go out the window...

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