Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas cracker - Charlie takes the plunge...

What's Christmas without a bit of comedy, eh?  

Well I have something to make you laugh today and even poor Charlie can see the funny side now that he's warm and dry.  
Taking the plunge into the Pacific Ocean
I'm not one to usually enjoy the misfortune of someone else (oh, who am I kidding), but I couldn't help to laugh out loud when my other half quite literally took the plunge into the freezing Pacific Ocean. 
Swept off his feet
Even though today has been a day of torrential downpours, yesterday was another thing altogether and we ventured to the beach to enjoy the good weather and to exercise the pup. It all started so innocently.  
Plunging into the Pacific Ocean waves
It was about 60 degrees, with a bit of a coastal breeze (hence the sweater) and the sun was shining (but sadly not enough to warm Charlie after his soaking under the waves).
Charlie lost at sea
I make no apology for showing the sequence of events as it unfolds (or for standing there snapping away).  You need all the images to appreciate the comedy of the moment, which happened almost in an instant.  
Charlie lost in the surf
One minute he was wading in to retrieve Cooper's new frisbee from the surf, the next he'd been swept off his feet by the waves. In he went, fully clothed and all.
Resurfacing from the surf
I was slightly concerned for Charlie's safety as he's not a great swimmer and the current can be strong at Sycamore Cove, but I really didn't know what he was trying to do at the time.  
Drowned rat Charlie
Luckily our pup was on hand to save the day, as he powered into the ocean to save his dad.  You can see the look of concern on Cooper's face and it really does seem like he's charging to the rescue.  Although maybe he thought it was all just a great big game of hide and seek.
Puppy to the rescue
The real funny thing is that this is a bit of a reversal of roles and these things normally happen to me - I'm the clumsy one who's normally knocked over by the waves or Cooper.
Climbing out of the waves
All that foamy surf really does look like Charlie and Cooper are playing in the snow doesn't it - how festive!
Climbing out of the ocean
Fortunately we'd had the good sense to bring towels and a spare change of clothes after previous soakings playing with the pup along the shoreline.
Staggering out of the waves
I suppose it's slightly karmic that after capturing his misadventures on camera and roaring with laughter I'd be awoken early this morning by the pouring rain at 4.30am.  
Staggering out of the surf
After checking to make sure water wasn't leaking into our condo after we'd been promised it had been repaired (luckily all seems OK), the sound of the rain kept me awake until it was my turn to take the pup out for a very wet morning walk at 6am.
Escaping the waves
I thought California was supposed to be 'The Golden State' anyway?  I was promised constant sunshine when I moved here, what's all this rain about?
Out of the waves
I also had a dentist visit this morning, my first in the U.S.A., where it's all about that perfect smile (especially here in L.A.).  I know that Americans often make fun of the British and their dental hygiene, but I'm pleased to say that my teeth don't seem to be in that bad a condition, although the hygienist had a right old scraping at my teeth so they feel all smooth and silky now. 
That odd sense of pleasure and pain did seem to go on forever though, so it must have been another way to pay me back for laughing at Charlie's dive into the ocean.
Made it to shore
I'm always having to explain to Charlie that this blog is called 'Jason in Hollywood' for a reason and we all know who's the real star of the show, that's right - Cooper, but you know what's he's like, he'll do anything to steal the spotlight!

Ahh, he can laugh about it now...

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AVCR8TEUR said...

Now you see Charlie and now you don't. Wasn't the water cold? Yeah, my dog is the boss of the house too.

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