Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The countdown continues with Christmas Cooper...

Poor, poor puppy.
Christmas Cooper
What must you all think me dressing up our already gorgeous Labrador in even cuter apparel and accessories?  In the tradition of Halloween Cooper, here's Christmas Cooper making his debut, antlers and all, as the festive cheer behind today's advent calendar window.
Christmas Cooper in antlers
Think of it as a way for me to keep occupied whilst I'm home alone with the Coopster this week while my other half travels on business in Florida.  I need a bit of frivolity to keep my sanity in between the four daily dog walks, where inevitably Cooper will sit down each and every time he sees another dog, squirrel, crow or one of the neighbourhood gardeners (except when he's off-leash at Runyon Canyon, although he's now gotten into the habit of refusing to move at the last watering stop near the parking lot and forcing me to carry his no longer insubstantial 70lb body back to the car).
A new toy for pup
As a reward for playing along as my 'dress-me-up-Cooper' he received a new toy, which lasted all of five minutes before he chewed it apart and I had to throw it away.  I couldn't believe it as it looked and felt so tough in the pet store. We're now having to buy only the 'tuff-toys' that can withstand a good mauling as his teeth and jaws are so strong now - honestly he can crack open a normal tennis ball in about three minutes.
Cooper's new toy
Being so close to Christmas I'm also reminded that this time last year we were actually in L.A. for a long weekend. We'd originally planned the visit as a short mini-break tagged on to the end of one of my significant others business meetings, but in the end turned into our first reconnaissance mission for our move to L.A. in March this year.  How time flies and how different it feels to be living here and not just visiting (obviously staying at the ultra-cool Mondrian hotel helped convince me to make the move, well played Charlie).
Frowning festive pup
Anyway, not for Cooper to feel like he was being forced to perform like some circus monkey, I thought I'd join in the fun and show him that it's OK to look like Rudolph at Christmas time.
Christmas Jason in Hollywood
Hmm, now where's that glowing red nose...

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