Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dog-Blog: Cooper achieves another milestone...

We've reached another puppy milestone with Cooper, he can now hold two tennis balls in his mouth at once.  How great is that?  Now that's ball control.
2 tennis balls in pup's mouth
We're still waiting for the big one though. when he finally cocks his leg when he pees for the first time.  

He may look so cute here, but last night when we had dinner guests we saw the return of over-excited pup.  Although saying that, it was his two favourite uncles, Barry and Richard, which is his version of cat-nip.  But a whole night of bouncy, naughty cooper is exhausting (luckily there was lots of alcohol on hand to ease the trauma).
Pup with two tennis balls in his mouth
We had a really wonderful first Christmas in L.A. and I hope you all had a great time too. As the end of this festive season draws near, I thought you'd like to know what people said they most enjoy about their Christmas Day.  

36% of people most look forward to waking up on Christmas morning, 22% enjoy spending time with their loved ones and 18% of you are just in it for the presents!
Christmas at home with pup
Why don't you vote in the latest poll and let me know how you plan to spend your time welcoming in the New Year - will it be with lots of bubbly at a glamorous party or a quiet night at home in front of the TV?  

We'd normally spend New Year's Eve with friends at their home for a civilized soiree, we've all grown tired of the extortionate rip-off prices and squashed environment of bars and restaurants, combined with the overwhelming expectation to have a good time on the biggest party night of the year.  

I've always found my most fun times have come from spontaneous and less planned nights out, but this year in the spirit of experiencing L.A. in all its many forms, we're making the effort to venture out with some friends for a five-course meal at a local restaurant.  Apparently we get to bring our own drink, which sounds like a much more reasonable and affordable way of doing things.
Gorgeous dozing 8 month old pup
Anyway, tonight we're off to the cinema to see Marley & Me and I must confess I've failed miserably to read the Marley: A dog like no other book before I see it. I've had one of those books on my bedside table that really dragged on and took months to read (which may have something to do with the adorable little fellow vying for my attention all the time).  

I think I'll save the book for the flight back to the UK now that we've booked our flights to fly home and see our friends and family in the New Year.

Right, I'm off to munch on some more of the never-ending turkey...

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