Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dog-Blog: What's new with Cooper...

Following the flurry of celebrity sightings and movie mania the last few days, Cooper has hardly gotten a look in, so for all the fans of our nearly eight month old yellow Labrador, here's a few pictures to appease you.
Cooper dog tired at top of the stairs
In recent weeks we've finally taken away the baby-guard gate we had at the bottom of our stairs so that Cooper wouldn't go falling down them or off to the side.  Now that he's more confident about going up and down the stairs he's found a nice new spot to sleep at the top.

Here's another photo of Cooper at the bottom of the staircase in front of our new eco-friendly recycling system - the top draw for paper, middle basket for plastic, glass and metal and the bottom for carrier bags, which seem to breed like bunnies at times (although now we have our reusable shopping bags we don't collect quite so many of them).
Cooper on the stairs
It also gives you an idea of how big Cooper is getting in relation to things, but he's still got some growing to come.

Can you believe another random person in the street recognised Cooper the other day?  He wasn't even walking a dog and had never met our pup before, but apparently had been told about our cute yellow Labrador by the owner of the two bulldogs that Cooper likes to play with.  Our Hollywood Hound is becoming a true local celebrity.

Even though today is all about Cooper, that's not to say that I can't provide you with a glimpse of Hollywood glitz and glamour.  Last night we went to a dinner party up in the hills above Griffith Park at the house that movie stars Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis used to own when they were married - how's that for a Hollywood lifestyle?

Ah well, better get on with some Saturday shopping.  I think the plan is to go out and buy some festive gear in an attempt to add some Christmas cheer to our condo.  Sadly this year we're skipping the big tree for some reason (his name is Cooper), so we'll just have to be creative in other ways.

Have a festive fun-filled day and come back soon...


heartdog said...

Cooper the cool dude! I think my dog, Borias, and Cooper should meet! Borias is getting to be a local celebrity down south here in San Diego. I'd say that it isn't giving him a swelled head, but that's likely because he thinks rather highly of himself already ; )
Hugs to Cooper! And pssst..go for a shabby chic tree, and whip out the camera!

AVCR8TEUR said...

Cooper's awfully cute in the first photo. I didn't see any drool. I think he'll be needing some sunglasses soon so he won't be harrassed by paparazzis.

Jason in Hollywood said...

San Diego is on our list of places to visit as we've heard great things about it.

We'll try not to let all the compliments go to Cooper's head, he's spoiled enough as it is :-)

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