Sunday, December 7, 2008

A festive Runyon Canyon hike...

We're just back from a hike along the upper ridges of Runyon Canyon. My blog entry title is slightly misleading as there was nothing really that festive about the walk at all (aside from it being the first week of December), in fact with a bit of rain lately and less of the scorching hot sun, things are starting to sprout again up on the Canyon.
Runyon Canyon ridge pup
There are new shoots of grass, berries on the trees and a general sense of green renewal.

We headed up there a bit earlier today for our walk so that we could get back and drive down to Anaheim this evening, as we're going to a Christmas candlelit carol concert parade at Disneyland.
Runyon Canyon pup and his stick
As ever Cooper had a great time meeting and playing with the other dogs. He carries so many sticks and plays so much that he's always exhausted by the time we get only half way around the three and a half mile trek.
Tired Runyon Canyon ridge pup
He's got his favourite spots for a rest and you can predict like clockwork where he's going to lie down and be ready for a refreshing drink of water.
Dog tired Cooper at Runyon Canyon
But it's not long before he's up and about again and wanting to carry on with his walk. Today just as we were leaving the park we bumped into our friend with two of his dogs. Suddenly a wellspring of energy comes from nowhere and Cooper is ready to do the whole walk again.
Runyon Canyon pup
Now that its cooler during the day you're not limited to what time you can take the dog for a walk, but you have to watch the clock as if you don't get going by around 3.30pm you'll be wandering back in darkness the last leg of the walk.
Runyon Canyon Los Angeles sunset
The sun going down so early may be a pain at times, but what you do get to see is some fantastic sunsets, like these images I snapped the other day with Cooper.
Runyon Canyon sunset
Unfortunately a photograph just can't always capture the spectacular colours above you in the L.A. skies, but you get the general idea.

Right then, better get myself ready so we can enjoy the magic of Disney...

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AVCR8TEUR said...

A tired dog is a happy dog. Hope you had fun in Disneyland. I haven't been there in years.

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