Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, new you, new adventures...

Happy New Year everyone!  So how did the celebrations go?
Happy New Year Cooper
We spent our first L.A. New Year's Eve at the Blu Jam Cafe on Melrose Avenue with a five-course meal (which was not so daunting as it sounds) and a couple of bottles of champagne. A fun time was had by all.
Before the Treehouse tandem skydive
We did the typical thing and whilst everyone else was all glammed up, especially the girls with their dresses and hair, we went dressed 'L.A. casual' which for me was jeans and a comfy, yet stylish t-shirt (it was five courses after all).
Getting strapped in for the jump
The food was great and there was a DJ playing all night, plus a few tables of other revelers to watch with amusement at their progressively drunken antics.
Treehouse tandem skydive plane
So now it's the first day of a brand New Year.  Have you made any resolutions yet?

You may be wondering why all the pictures of parachutes and me dressed a bit like a clown. I thought maybe as it's the New Year we should all be inspired to try something different
Treehouse Tandem skydive
This was me a couple of years ago doing a sponsored tandem sky-dive for the Treehouse Trust in the UK, a charity for autism education.
Tandem skydive parachute
At the Hinton Airfield outside of Oxford on a beautiful day of clear blue skies and sunshine myself and a few friends decided to jump 12,000 feet from a tiny plane strapped to men we'd never met before (luckily mine was an army parachuting instructor).
Tandem skydive - in the air
It's strange watching your friend jump out of a plane and being the last one squashed inside, but it was totally exhilarating hanging out of the aircraft and doing the free-fall before the chute opened and we drifted the rest of the way to the ground.
Tandem skydive parachute
I was actually less keen on the parachute ride down, as you're just hanging there in the open air looking down to the landscape far below, whilst the free-fall is such a rush and you don't have a second to think as your gums are flapping away as you're hurtling down.
Tandem skydive landing
So that's my challenge to you all, not to jump out of a plane, but to try something new in 2009 and give it a go.  What do you have to lose?
Landing after my tandem skydive
I'm not exactly sure what I plan to do yet, but I know life's too short to do the same old thing.
Jason's tandem skydive on the ground
Maybe you can write that book you always wanted to, or run that Marathon?  I'm sure lots of you will be wanting to get fit and healthy after bingeing over the festive season, but that doesn't sound like much fun unless it's something that you really want to do.
After the Treehouse tandem skydive
Anyway, whatever you decide, enjoy it and have a fantastic and happy 2009.
Happy New Year pup
And don't forget to to keep coming back to follow the continuing adventures of Jason in Hollywood (plus Cooper too, of course)...

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