Thursday, January 22, 2009

Beautiful skies as the sun goes down over the Pacific Ocean...

Even after all these months in L.A. I'm still totally enamoured by the beautiful Californian sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.  
Bright sunset over the Pacific Ocean
On Monday, our first Martin Luther King Day in the U.S.A., we headed down to Santa Monica in the late afternoon with our best boy, Cooper.  
Cloudy sunset over the Pacific Ocean
We wanted to try out his new dog seat cover which is like a big hammock that allows him to travel safely in the back seat of our cars.
Cooper's new backseat pad
I probably sound like a stuck record, but it's always great to vary Cooper's walks and he always seems to enjoy sniffing around Palisades Park in Santa Monica for a change.
Cooper in the car with his new hammock
I remember that last time we'd brought our camera down to the ocean was when the wildfires were raging in Southern California and it provided a brilliantly dramatic sunset.
Orange sunset over the Pacific Ocean
The fact that the ocean is only a half hour away is still a major plus point in our relocating to L.A. and now that I'm becoming a more confident driver after eight months of driving here, I'm sure we'll explore further afield up and down the west coast in 2009.
Clouds at sunset in Santa Monica
For now we're happy to enjoy the sunsets from Palisades Park along with the other dog walkers and photography enthusiasts all lined up along the front with their tripods and impressive zoom lenses.  

The changing sky as the sun goes down
Sun setting over the Pacific Ocean
Stunning sunset over the Pacific Ocean
Sunset in Santa Monica
Santa Monica ocean sunset
I really must read up more and learn how to take photos when the sun is setting as a lot of my images were over exposed. Sometimes I find it hard to truly capture the beautiful colours in the sky, but I always give it my best shot and I think the end result sometimes are not bad at all.
Spectacular sunset over the Pacific Ocean
Here's the last glimmer of sun over the Pacific Ocean lighting up the sky.
Final moments of sunlight over the Pacific Ocean
It was amazing that even though there were some stunning colours in the sky before the sun went down over the horizon, they seemed even more impressive after the sun had set.
Clouds after sunset over the Pacific OceanThe Pacific Ocean after sunset
After sunset along the Santa Monica coastline
I bet the Santa Monica locals just take these sunsets for granted as it's just a way of life for them. I love them anyway.
The sun goes down over the Santa Monica Pier
Finally, for all you movie buffs out there, you should know that the official Academy Award nominations were released today a month ahead of the prestigious 81st Annual Awards Ceremony. Why not take a look to see how they compare to my own Oscar predictions.  
Sunset viewed from Palisades Park
I'm genuinely surprised about the exclusion of Gran Torino, especially with all the positive buzz it's receiving from critics and public alike, so I suppose I'll just have to root for another Clint Eastwood directed film, Changeling starring Angelina Jolie.

Let the countdown commence...

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