Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can I come on holiday too...?

That's what Cooper is wondering before we go off on our travels, can he come too. 

I wish you could pup and we would take you with us in a heartbeat, but those horrible immigration people wouldn't let you in (I have enough trouble with them already) and let's face it, you're getting a bit too big to fit in the suitcase now.  
Suitcase puppy
You know we'll miss you terribly, but you're also going on an adventure of your own.  You'll be staying with some lovely friends who you already know and who have a fabulous swimming pool that you like to play in.

Nearby there's a huge park for you to run about and go for walks in and your puppy-sitters even have some outdoor space (and not just a roof terrace). We apologise in advance for the damage you'll do to the plants in their garden. 
Suitcase Cooper
I know they'll spoil you rotten and you'll probably have so much fun you'll not want to come back home to us (although I hope you will).

So don't be sad, as we won't be gone for long and we'll be home before you know it...

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