Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cashing in on Super Obama, or how President Obama single-handedly plans to save the economy...

A week into his new Presidency, I think I've discovered how President Barack Obama plans to kick start the U.S. economy.

Rather than emergency rescue packages for banks and bail outs for big business he's just going to plaster his face over every comic and magazine he can and get the American people (and even folks around the World) to spend enough dollars to keep the economy going.
Amazing Spiderman 583 Obama cover 4th printing
It may all be a publicity stunt for some publishers, but Marvel Comics has now had to print a fourth edition of Amazing Spider-man issue #583, featuring a storyline revolving around the inauguration of the United States 44th President.
Savage Dragon issue 145 Obama cover
Other comic book publishing houses like Image jumped on the PR bandwagon with covers and plots featuring Obama, with guest appearances in Savage Dragon and Young Blood. 
Young Blood 8 Obama cover
Plus you can also find him on the cover of comic collecting magazine Wizard, with a fab painted Alex Ross cover...
Wizard Collectors Edition Alex Ross art Super Obama cover
and a slightly more manic parody on MAD magazine...
Mad magazine Obama cover
Trawling through the internet it's easy to see that even before he was elected President, his political rise to the top and his election campaign was being covered in comic book form.
Obama - The Comic Book coverSavage Dragon 137 Obama cover
Barack Obama Presidential Material cover
Seems like there's no stopping the heroic rise of Super Obama...

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BP said...

Ya I know it's commercial, but I have the Spiderman/Obama issue #2 framed on the wall and two #3s to read. I am just hoping that this is a start to a new American future. An America for all Americans.

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