Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our puppy Cooper is now even sweeter...

Cooper even sweeter? Just how is it possible you're thinking.

In the UK we call them sweets and in the U.S. they're called candy, but regardless of what they are called, now Cooper goodness comes in chocolate form too!Cooper kisses M&Ms
How cool is that?

Forget designer Prada wallets and fancy presents, our adorable Labrador pup's face on some personlised M&M's were the best gift I bought for Cooper's other dad this Christmas (in my opinion anyway).
Cooper's even sweeter now
I know they were appreciated as they brought a tear to Charlie's eye when he opened the box. 

It's amazing what you can buy these days (you can even choose up to three colours of M&M's, multiple photos if you choose rather than just one image and multiple messages).  

They're almost too cute to eat...almost!

When was the big health kick supposed to start again...?

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