Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Exploring LACMA (well the sculptures outside at least)...

For those of you not familiar with the acronym, LACMA stands for Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  You'll find it on Wilshire Boulevard, just next to the La Brea Tar Pits.
Jason in Hollywood by Urban Light at LACMA
It's another one of those cultural hotspots that you always mean to visit, but never find the time to investigate, just like when it took us over six months to visit The Getty Center and The Getty Villa in Malibu, and LACMA is even closer, just down the road from us.
LACMA entrance on Wilshire Blvd
So on Sunday, heading back from doing a few chores, with the sun still shining brightly in the afternoon sky we stopped off to take a look. When I say we explored LACMA though, what I really mean is we used it as a photo opportunity to get some great shots of the brilliant installation just outside the art museum.  
Chris Burden's Urban Light sculpture at LACMA
It's called Urban Light and is a sculpture by Chris Burden, which incorporates over two hundred restored cast-iron lampposts from around L.A. County.  
Urban Light 202 restored lampposts LACMA
Chris Burden's permanent Urban Light installation at LACMA
Architecture is not L.A.'s strong point, so it's always nice to see something unusual when you're out and about, just like the giant chair outside the Pacific Design Center.
Urban Light streetlamps outside LACMA
Urban Light 202 restored street lamps LACMA
The installation of 202 vintage street lamps is an impressive sight and it hasn't been that long since it became a permanent fixture at LACMA either and another iconic landmark for L.A. (February will mark its one year anniversary). 
Urban Light 202 vintage street lamps at LACMA
I think you'll agree that it's a pretty mesmerizing display.
LACMA's Urban LIght permanent sculpture
We really do intend to visit LACMA soon though.  Even though I'm not a huge fan of museums and galleries, I am intrigued by the current Vanity Fair Portraits exhibition, which features rare vintage prints and contemporary photography from the magazine from 1913 to 2008.  
Vanity Fair Portraits photographic exhibition at LACMA
The show been running since 26th October last year and is open until 1st March 2009, so no excuses, I will see it before it moves on.

Whilst we were there we also took the opportunity to take a look at some of the other sculptures on display outside LACMA, in their Contemporary Sculpture Garden.
Contemporary red metal sculpture at LACMA
Contemporary red metal sculpture outside LACMA
I don't know who all the sculptures are by, but this interesting looking one is Richard Hunt's Extended Forms.
Richard Hunt's Extended Forms LACMA contemporary sculpture garden
Richard Hunt's Extended Forms contemporary sculpture garden LACMA
You'll also find this funky looking water fountain in the sculpture garden.
contemporary water fountain sculpture at LACMA
Contemporary garden fountain at LACMA
This is my least favourite piece though - this is where the line behind art and a mess is blurred for me (no matter how you frame or hang it).
Contemporary sculpture outside LACMA
Worst contemporary sculpture at LACMA
Talking about art and beautifully designed things, one of the chores I mentioned earlier was to buy more furniture for our living room, now that Cooper has passed through his major teething and chewing phase (famous last words I know).  
Helms Bakery - local landmark of Culver City
We headed to the interiors stores at The Helms Bakery in Culver City (which has been a local landmark since the 1930's) and bought a classic looking black leather chair (as well as being aesthetically pleasing, it was very comfortable too which helps). Soon to be our pup's new throne I'm sure.

So it was quite an eventful Sunday all-in-all, as we got to take in a little bit of culture, before we headed over for the glitz and glamour (on TV at least) of our friend's Golden Globe Awards Party.

It's not all parties for Jason in Hollywood you know, there is some substance there, somewhere, once in a while...

Oh who am I trying to kid, I'll take a glass of champagne over culture any day...

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