Friday, January 2, 2009

Hot gods with hot bods for January...

Sometimes in life we're faced with hard choices.  To start the New Year I've had to make the ultimate decision - which God of Football should I choose to be my January pin-up?
Daniel Conn - January gods of Football Calendar
I know, I know, it's a tough life isn't it. I'm discovering the delights of one of my Christmas presents. Not only is it a super-big calendar with ultra glossy pages and stunning photography, but you get a choice of two hot male Australian Football stars each month. Who knew sport could be so fun.

Following in the success of the French National Rugby Team calendar, Dieux du Stade, with its stunning black and white photography, this time the boys from down under are trying their hands at the male modeling game.
Justin Sherman - January Gods of Football Calendar
The hot bods for January are Daniel Conn of the Gold Coast Titans or Justin Sherman from Brisbane.  How to decide though? Should I flip a coin or simply give them half the month each to shine?

I was thinking about New Year resolutions yesterday and even though I don't have any real plans, I think one of my goals for this year is to get over 50,000 visitors to my blog in 2009.  As I'd predicted December visitor figures were down month-on-month, with people being distracted by the holiday season no doubt (outrageous I know), but I did surpass the 21,000 visitor level, so 50,000 doesn't appear that unachievable.

Anyway, I've got to put some thought into which hot nearly naked (but oh so tasteful) male sportsman I want on my wall for January.  At least it'll provide that much needed inspiration to get that unattainable body for 2009.

Just another tough executive decision to be made for Jason in Hollywood.

Let me know which one you'd choose...


Gods of Football said...

Thanks for the bloglove, Jason! Fans can still get the calendar at More pics at xoxo

Jason in Hollywood said...

no worries, there's a lot to love! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a great calendar. I am heading to Amazon right now to see if I can still get one!

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