Saturday, January 24, 2009

L.A. is not so much fun without the sun...

It's true, when the sun stops shining in L.A. it's not such an exciting place, especially when it's raining.
Los Angeles in the rain - The Hollywood Hills
Palm trees just don't look right when it's miserable and wet and the basic architecture in L.A. really benefits from the copious amounts of glorious sunshine, without it most of the buildings are just plain ugly.
Cloudy Los Angeles in the rain
But let's face it, not many places look great in the rain. 

Obviously this is the perfect weather for snuggling down indoors and either taking a nap like Cooper, or catching up on some chores, like the dreaded ironing (although why I bother when it's all going to be crushed into a suitcase in a few days time I don't know).
Pup sleeping whilst it rains
Apparently the weather is going to be like this for the next couple of days, it must be trying to reacclimatise us to the bleak weather back in the UK.
Cooper riding out the stormy weather
Fortunately most times the blue skies do break through the clouds here to provide a brief respite of sunshine and we remember why they call this the 'Golden State' and not the 'Grey State' (or 'Gray' as they say here in the U.S.).
Blue skies breaking through
Also another good thing is that it's still relatively warm here even with the gloomy rain, well it was in the mid-80's a few days ago.

Right, better zip outdoors and walk the pupster whilst it's momentarily stopped raining...

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