Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mobbed by hordes of fans at Runyon Canyon...

It's hard not to get all wrapped up in the fame thing when you live in Hollywood.  I had my first taste of celebrity today when I was mobbed by my adoring fans whilst I was walking Cooper at Runyon Canyon. 
Walking the pup at Runyon Canyon
When I say 'mob', 'hordes' and 'fans', what I really mean is one person who said "Is your name Jason?" and "do you write that blog?" (or words to that effect). The funny thing was, it wasn't me that she'd recognised, but our pup Cooper, as she's a big fan of Labrador Retrievers, hence how she found my blog no doubt.

King of the hill
Cooper - King of the hill
Anyway, it gave me a little buzz to be recognized and also to know that someone out there is reading this and I'm not just putting it out there to languish in cyberspace.

Let's face it though, we know who the star of this blog is, Cooper in Hollywood.

The real star of the show - Cooper
Cooper, the real star of the show
No matter how famous Cooper gets, I fear he and all other yellow Labradors will forever more be known as 'Marley', now that the masses have either read the book or seen the movie

But both of us 'celebrities' feel right at home at Runyon in the shadow of the Hollywood Sign, as we frequently see other Hollywood stars out walking there - Robert Forster from Heroes, Matt Dallas from Kyle XY, Eriq la Salle from E.R., Shawn Pyfrom of Desperate Housewives fame and Scott Lowell from Queer as Folk, to name just a few.
In the shadow of the Hollywood Sign at Runyon Canyon
Plus you also see lots of filming and camera crews as there's some great backdrops with the fantastic views of sprawling L.A. and just before Christmas they were filming the new Adam Sandler movie.
Filming at Runyon Canyon
Anyway in an effort to exhaust the pup and to get super healthy for the New Year, our walks at Runyon are becoming a daily event. Cooper is still very much a puppy and loves to play with every dog we meet and I mean every dog, even the ones who don't want to be played with.  It makes for a longer walk, but he has lots of fun.
LA City skyline at sunset
I was even happy to learn this morning that there are other dog owners who go through exactly the same trauma when they are trying to leave the park, as when I was carrying Cooper back to the car (yes you heard that right, carrying his 70lb bundle of fur) someone commented that their dog is exactly the same at the end of their walks and never wants to leave. 

I'm hoping he grows out of it as I'm not sure I'll be able to carry him when he's older and 100lbs.

Anyway, I'd better get on as those Christmas decorations are not going to take themselves down...

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KaylieXX said...

Hi there! I'll admit I peek into your blog just to see if you have any more encounters with Matt Dallas. Keep that camera ready. :)

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