Monday, January 26, 2009

More fabulous and funky billboards from around LA...

As my previous collection of cool billboard advertising from around L.A. appears to be one of my most popular posts on a regular basis, I thought I'd give the people more of what they want - more movie billboards, more hot male model billboards, more TV show billboards and other classic poster sites brightening the skyline of Los Angeles.

Hot male model billboards

Aussie Bum underwear advert photographed on Santa Monica Boulevard.
Aussie bum male underwear billboard
Abercrombie & Fitch black and white male torso fashion billboard taken on Sunset Blvd.
Abercrombie Fitch hot male model billboard
And for a closer look (because he's worth it)...
Abercrombie and Fitch hot male torso billboard

Movie billboards

In addition to the ArcLight Hollywood on Sunset Blvd being a wonderful cinematic experience, they also have great poster sites above the cinema. Here are two examples, one for the Christmas tear-jerker Marley & Me and the other for Baz Luhrmann's epic romance Australia.
Australia and Marley & Me billboards at ArcLight Hollywood
Here's another billboard for the World War II outback adventure Australia...
Billboard for the film Australia
and dog lovers' choice Marley & Me (this one shot on Melrose Avenue).
Marley & Me movie billboard on Melrose Avenue
Quantum of Solace was a non-stop spy movie that gripped you for the whole film and the various billboards for the second Bond outing with Daniel Craig really stood out too (especially with that piercing blue sky).
Quantum of Solace billboard
Bond Quantum of Solace billboard
Possibly one of the most disappointing films of 2008 was the remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, but that didn't stop them marketing the hell out of it with promising teaser posters in the Summer...
The Day the Earth Stood Still billboard Sunset Blvd
followed by full on Keanu Reeves billboards closer to the opening date in December.
The Day the Earth Stood Still remake film billboard
A much better movie to spend your money on was the fast paced thriller Eagle Eye.
Eagle Eye movie billboard
Speaking of great movies, here's a gigantic billboard for the Summer blockbuster The Dark Knight, featuring Batman on his Bat-pod bike in the heart of Hollywood.
The Dark Knight Movie Bat-pod billboard
I didn't see Lakeview Terrace, but Samuel L. Jackson does his trademark menacing look in this billboard.
Lakeview Terrace movie billboard
Then we have a billboard for MILK, a favourite movie of mine in late 2008, starring Sean Penn who just won Outstanding Actor in a Lead Role at the 15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Hopefully there's an Oscar on the cards too.
MILK movie billboard
Lastly for the movie billboards, we have a brilliant film, sadly overlooked in this year's Oscar nominations, Gran Torino.
Gran Torino film billboard

TV show billboards

They like their billboards big over here, often taking up the whole sides of buildings or in this case the Hyatt Hotel on Sunset Blvd, for returning TV show Dexter.
Dexter TV show billboard
Regular visitors to Jason in Hollywood will know my complex history with the TV show Entourage. Here's a massive season five cast promo poster for the series on one of the largest billboard sites along Sunset Boulevard.
Large billboard for Entourage Season 5 cast
And a more traditional size, but no less eye-catching.
Entourage TV Show season 5 billboard

Classic billboards

Good old Santa Claus drinking his traditional bottle of full-fat Coke. It looked so odd to see this festive poster against the beautifully blue Californian sky on Santa Monica Blvd.
Classic Santa Christmas Coke billboard
But it's just a superb example of a design classic...
Classic Father Christmas Coke billboard
I know it's slightly bizarre to end with such a festive image at the end of January, but you and I both know that this year will just whizz by and Christmas is really only just around the corner.

Enjoy this new batch of billboards, let's see if they are as popular as the first selection. I'm glad to say that the weather has brightened up today, so it's the perfect opportunity to photograph some more great advertising against the blue skies of L.A.

I'm sure you'll be seeing them here soon, so keep checking back for more...

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