Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pup returns to the scene of the crime...

Or rather, the scene of his first swimming lesson.  

Hey everyone, don't panic we survived the Magnitude 4.5 earthquake on Thursday evening around 7.50pm and the two day blog entry absence was mainly caused by doggie duties, catching up with old friends from London now living in L.A. and losing myself in my new PS3 Spider-man game.Puppy by the pool
Yesterday after checking out some potential kennels for Cooper to stay in whilst we're visiting London, we headed over to our friends house near Griffith Park where Cooper enjoyed his very first play in a swimming pool back at the end of June, when he was only around nine weeks old.
Cooper exploring poolside
Our friends have kindly offered to have Cooper to stay with them whilst we are away for part or the whole time, so we thought we'd take our 70lb pup over for a visit so they could see how much he's grown in the last couple of months.  
Cooper poolside
If he did get to stay with them he'd love it, as they are both huge dog lovers and he'd be a true 'Hollywood Hound' as they live in the house that movie stars Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum used to own when they were married.
Sniffing around the pool
It was obvious that Cooper remembered visiting the last time and he was mesmerized by the swimming pool. He could see his reflection in the water and I don't think it would have taken much for him to jump in, regardless of how cold the water was.
Pup in the shrubs
He had a great time exploring poolside, sniffing his way around it. Our mischievous pup also remembered the garden and re-enacted rampaging through the agapanthus and shrubbery. We have a roof deck for him at our condo, but it's not the same as a big garden or outdoor space. 
Griffith Park entrance on Los Feliz Blvd
Before the light faded we headed down to the edge of Griffith Park to give him a walk and to explore his potential holiday environs.
Cooper climbing steps
In the evening we indulged ourselves with a Thai takeaway, but today we've learned some sad news from back home in Chiswick in West London, our favourite Indian takeaway has closed whilst we've been away.  
Puppy climbing the steps
We were looking forward to having one of those when we were back.
Pup on the steps
Whist we ate our food, Cooper enjoyed a rawhide bone at our feet. I think he made a good impression as he was on his best behaviour, although he did have one of his 'mad five minutes' where he raced around the house, slightly trickier for him there than at our condo as he was slipping everywhere on the wood floors, compared to our carpeting.
Pup on the rug
I don't know who would be most unsettled when we go home for a visit, us or Cooper, as I know we'll miss him terribly. 
Pup enjoying his rawhide
I'm sure he'll be happy wherever he has someone for company and toys to play with, but I hope that he misses us too (even though I don't want for him to be sad).

So we have a few things to think about, but today we're off to watch the Golden Globes at a friend's house, so I'd best get myself together to enjoy the rest of Sunday...

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AVCr8teur said...

Living in CA, you'll just have to get used to the earthquakes. :) Cooper's going to love his temporary digs with the pool.

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