Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quite possibly the happiest dog in the world...

If not the happiest pup, he's certainly one of the luckiest. 
Happiest pup in the world
Think about it.  If he's not going on hours long hikes up Runyon Canyon where he plays with all flavours of dogs, he's being chauffeur driven to the beach to chase frisbees and splash about in the surf.
Pup amongst the rocks
I won't even start on the sheer variety of toys he has to play with at home, which usually end up strewn all over the living room floor once he's plucked each and every one of them from his toy basket for consideration.
Seaweed puppy
Cooper doesn't need expensive toys though to amuse him.  Give him a twig or piece of seaweed and he's as happy as larry.
Happy face beach pup
He always looks like he has a sweet little grin (although there's a bit of mischief in that face too).
Pup with frisbee in mouth and a spring in his step
He's certainly a content pup.  You should hear him snoring when he's sleeping.  He looks so peaceful and at his cutest, like a little angel (that is, until he wakes up).
Cooper's frisbee fun at the beach
Today we took advantage of the glorious sunshine and headed west on Sunset Boulevard and up the Pacific Coast Highway to Sycamore Cove (making sure to keep my eye out for all those traffic cops hidden behind trees and off slip roads)
Beach pup bounding with joy
It was a bit hazy along the Malibu coastline, but still bright and warm on the beach. 
Cooper digs his new frisbee
I thought we'd have a change from Runyon Canyon and try out some of Cooper's Christmas presents, including his two new frisbees, after his two previous frisbees were lost at sea.  
Beach pup is not very good at sharing
When he wasn't chasing them up the beach, he was burying them in the sand, although he's not quite learned to share with other dogs yet.
Beach pup taking a break
After all that bounding about the beach it's time for some water and a bit of downtime in the cool shade of an old sun-bleached tree.
Beach pup cooling off in the shade
After we'd played up and down the shoreline for about an hour, I thought we'd hop in the car and try exploring further up the coast.  
Happy tongue pup
Unfortunately after Sycamore Cove, there's not much in the way of pretty beaches and there's actually a Navel Base too as you head up the PCH.
Proud and content beach pup
So I turned back around and headed home with my tired pup, vowing to venture further afield up and down the Californian coast in 2009.

That should keep Cooper happy anyway...


AVCr8teur said...

I was in SoCal last week with my dog. I was wondering where there was an off-leash dog beach. Coop looked like he had a great time.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Cooper always has fun at the beach.

Sycamore Cove in Ventura County (just beyond Malibu) is not officially off-leash, but this time of year it's really quiet and has no life-guard on duty.

I really want to take him down to Huntington Beach which is near Disneyland in Anaheim.

It's such a shame that you can't take dogs on the Malibu beaches this time of year in off-season - ho hum!

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